Constitution H-S Chess & Strategy Game Club

Article I

The name of this organization shall be the Hampden-Sydney Chess & Strategy Game Club.

Article II

The Hampden-Sydney Chess & Strategy Game Club will provide an environment for any and all Hampden-Sydney men to think critically and strategize while enjoying various games. Likewise, any Hampden-Sydney faculty member, alumnus, or staff member who wishes to join will be welcome to do so. Finally, a faculty or staff member of Hampden-Sydney College, to be agreed upon by the officers of the club, shall serve as the advisor of the Hampden-Sydney Chess & Strategy Game Club.

Article III

A member shall enjoy the privileges of membership, including participation in tournaments and voting at meetings, only after making payment on his or her dues. Dues shall not exceed five dollars, and will be collected annually at the beginning of the fall semester.

Article IV

Officer elections will occur every spring semester  before the end of the second week of April. During the election, the members of the Hampden-Sydney Chess & Strategy Game Club will vote into office a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary-Treasurer. The election must be held during a physical meeting and a quorum will be no less than one-third of the entire membership. These officers shall remain in office until their term has ended, immediately following the spring election. The officers will together be responsible for keeping an accurate and up-to-date list of the membership. If an officer decides to step down or leave the club altogether an ad-hoc election will be held as soon as possible. The format of the ad-hoc election will be that of a standard election.

Article V

The members shall elect a President, who shall preside over meetings and tournaments and represent the Hampden-Sydney Chess & Strategy Game Club at official functions. The President will reasonably and fairly delegate responsibilities amongst the officers and voluntary members of the club. The President shall determine the times and locations of all meetings.

Article VI

The members shall elect a Vice President, who shall assist the President with his duties and perform all Presidential duties in the absence of the President.

Article VII

The members shall elect a Secretary-Treasurer who shall oversee and record all financial transactions including dues, club expenses, and the use of the club account. The Secretary-Treasurer will also keep records of votes and elections.

Article VIII

Club meetings will be conducted as the President sees fit. Any motions which are subject to voting (to include amendments to the constitution, proposed officer removals, and all other non-election votes) are to be declared during a meeting and require a "second" from another member who is also present. In order for a motion to vote to take effect, a quorum of one-third the entire membership must be present at the meeting (i.e. an official meeting). If a quorum is not met during two consecutive meetings, the quorum of the following meeting shall be three members. Following the meeting, it is the responsibility of one or more officers to formulate an unbiased email ballot and ensure that a copy is sent to each and every member of the club. Responses are to be sent to only the President. The President shall abide by his pledge to the Honor Code by honestly recording the results of the vote and resending the results to the entire club body.  All votes must be received within 48 hours of the initial email sent by the President.

Article IX

All proposed amendments to the Chess & Strategy Game Club constitution shall be handled in accordance with the standard voting procedure.