Constitution of the Fencing Club

Constitution of the Fencing Club 

Section I: On the name of the Organization

The organization shall be known as the Fencing Club of Hampden-Sydney College.

Section II: On the Officers and their Duties

All officers must be enrolled in the college having at least a 2.8 cumulative GPA and be in good standing with the college. Officers are expected to attend practice regularly and provide a good example of leadership and sportsmanship for the other fencers. In addition, the officers are required to be the instructors to the club's apprentices. The Terms of the officers will start at the beginning of the fall semester and will end by April 1 of the spring semester, when they shall be replaced upon annual elections from the general membership.

Duties of the President

  1. To set and run all meetings
  2. To enforce the duties of all officers
  3. To submit a budget in a timely manner to the Student Finance Committee

Duties of the Vice-President

  1. To handle the duties of the President when he is unable or unwilling
  2. To coordinate all meetings with the college (reserve room, etc.)
  3. To coordinate practices and training programs
  4. To handle issues of discipline in conjunction with the Sergeant-at-Arms as stated in Section III and according to the By-Laws

Duties of the Secretary

  1. To keep all club records
  2. To carry on correspondence

Duties of the Treasurer

  1. To pay the U.S. Fencing Association dues (when applicable)
  2. To collect dues
  3. To maintain the financial matters of the club

Duties of the Sergeant-at-Arms

  1. To maintain all club equipment
  2. To act as liaison between the officers and members
  3. To handle issues of discipline in conjunction with the Vice-President as stated in Section III and according to the By-Laws

Duties of the Webmaster

1. To establish and maintain the club website

Section III: On Membership

Anyone from the community may be a member of the Fencing Club of Hampden-Sydney College, regardless of enrollment. Those participating members who are enrolled in the college must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher. Disciplinary action may be taken against a member by the officers upon the recommendation of the Sergeant-at-Arms or the Vice-President.

Section IV: On Meetings

The club will meet on a regular schedule for practices and business matters. This schedule will be decided at the beginning of each semester. All business meetings will default to Roberts Rules unless otherwise specified before the meeting.

Section V: On Amending the Constitution

This constitution, so ratified, can only be amended upon a majority vote by the members. No amendments, thus proposed, can be ratified in the same meeting.


Article I: Membership

Sub-section 1: Membership Qualification

I. A person is a member of the Hampden Sydney Fencing Club if he/she meet the following criteria

a. Pay the dues for the club determined at the beginning of each fall semester. The dues of the 2012-2013 academic year will be $15.

b. Possess the required GPA. The club will work on the Honor Code, so no proof need be presented, but the club reserves the right to demand proof whenever the club wants.

Sub-section 2: Membership Discipline

In an effort to represent Hampden-Sydney's tradition and honor proudly and accurately, a member may be the subject to any discipline herein mention if he/she represents the Fencing Club in an unbecoming fashion (pursuant to the Hampden-Sydney Student Code of Conduct and Honor Code) or if he/she displays consistent ungentlemanly or unsportsmanship-like qualities/conduct.

II. A member can suffer any of the following disciplinary actions when both the Vice-President and Sergeant-at-Arms agree to discipline the member

a. Suspension, The length of which will be determined by the Vice-President and Sergeant-at-Arms.

b. Censure

c. Monetary Fines, The amount of which will be determined by the Vice-President and Sergeant-at-Arms.

III. A member may be expelled by recommendation of both the Vice-President and Sergeant-at-Arms and a 3/4 vote of officers.

IV. An officer may be impeached if the other officers feels the officer either has failed in his duty as an officer or has violated the constitution. In order for an officer to be impeached a consensus of 1/3 club members, 1/3 officers, and 1/3 coming from the president's decision is needed.

Sub-section 3: Trial Membership

I. Trial Memberships are for people not previously associated with the club who are interested in possibly pursuing a membership in the club.

II. A person may be a trial member for 1 (one) semester, have access as specified by the By-laws, and not pay dues.

III. The length of a trial member shall be until the end of the current semester he joins.

Article 2: Equipment

Sub-section 1: Sergeant-at-Arms

I. It is the job of the Sergeant-at-Arms to catalogue and track all club-owned equipment and attach it to the By-Laws.

II. The Sergeant-at-Arms must present a detailed list of all club-owned equipment at the beginning of each semester.

III. All prices will be set by the Sergeant-at-Arms based on his catalogue of equipment as attached to the By-Laws.

IV. It is the job of the Sergeant-at-Arms to make arrangements for the   purchase of   new equipment.

Sub-section 2: Loaning Equipment

I. During the training program, those so specified may make use of the club's equipment but may not rent.

II. Members may rent club equipment at a price determined by the Sergeant-at-Arms.

III. Members have access to all equipment during practices.

Article 3: Training Program

Sub-section 1: Vice-President

The Vice-President of the Fencing Club has the responsibility for approving designated fencing instructors who will run the training program.

Sub-section 2: Instructors

I. Each Instructor must have passed the Checklist and be experienced fencers.

Sub-section 3: Checklist

I.All students must pass the Checklist in order to participate in the more advanced fencing club meetings.

II. To pass, students must prove their aptitude in moves defined in the following:

a. Footwork

i. Lunge/on-guard

ii. Advance/retreat

iii. Retreat/lunge

iv. Triple retreat/advance

b. Handwork

i. Parry-Four

ii. Parry-Six

iii. Parry-Five

iv.Circle Parry-Six

v. Feint

vi.Circle Feint

vii.Beat Attack


i. At-rest

ii. Salute

Sub-section 5: Liability

I. All entering students into the Fencing Club's training program will be required to sign the form of liability (when required by the College) which includes an agreement of good conduct

II. The liability form will be drawn up soon and will include an agreement to obey the rules and constitution of the club and a promise to act agreeably and in full propriety at all fencing meetings, not holding the fencing club or its members liable for any damage to personal equipment or any injuries that may occur during an official fencing club practice or event.



I ___________________________________, potential member of the fencing club, agree to obey the

rules written in the constitution of the club, and promise to act accordingly and in full propriety at all fencing meetings. I promise to not hold the fencing club or its members liable for any damage to personal equipment or any injuries that may occur during an official fencing club practice/event.



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