Constitution of H-SC Lacrosse Club

Goals of the H-SC Club Lacrosse: 

* To provide an opportunity for students to interact with one another outside of the classroom 
* To represent Hampden-Sydney College in the Blue Ridge Division of the NCLL 
* To provide a competitive experience for students and gain additional understanding of the sport of lacrosse, as well as to instill values of leadership and good sportsmanship. 


The Hampden-Sydney College Lacrosse Club is a student-led organization in which members will compete at a competitive collegiate level in the Blue Ridge Division of the NCLL.


1. To ensure a fun and competitive environment for club members, both in practice and games.
2. To gain a firmer foundation through the addition of new members
3. To improve the cognitive and physical lacrosse skills of club members

Inclusion Clause:

Membership is open to any Hampden-Sydney student or faculty member. A fair amount of commitment is encouraged, but educational obligations come first.

Officers and Duties: 

Officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Game Scheduler. 

* The President will be responsible for all administrative duties not covered by the Treasurer or Vice President. His duties are, but not limited to: communication between the college and the organization, communication between the NCLL and the organization, and other assorted communication within and outside of the Organization.

* The Vice President will be responsible for all administrative duties not covered by the President or Treasurer which are, but not limited to: practice and game administration, audit representation, and officer communication.

* The Treasurer will be responsible for administrative duties not covered by the President or Vice President and are, but not limited to: budgeting, collection of dues, and disbursement of funds.

* The Secretary will be responsible for club communication concerning practices, games, and meetings.

*The Game Scheduler will be responsible for communication with the NCLL by updating rosters, standings, and statistics. He will also contact other club lacrosse teams to schedule games and scrimmages.

Dues and Expenses:

Dues and expenses will be covered by the athletes or by their families. A nonrefundable joining fee will be assessed at the beginning of training commencement. All other expenses that are but not limited to: travel, uniform, and referee fees, will be covered as a team by the team.

*Practices will only be held after 4:00pm when classes have ended and will never be scheduled during major school functions.

*Games will be held on weekends unless unanimously voted to be played after classes have ended at or after 4:00 pm on weekdays.