Constitution of Hampden-Sydney Clay Target Club

Article I - Mission Statement

Section 1. Name

This organization shall be known as the Hampden-Sydney Clay Target Club.

Section 2. Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide the opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Hampden-Sydney College to improve shooting skills and gain competition experience in shotgun sports, (American Trap and Skeet, International Trap and Skeet, Sporting Clays, and all variants thereof).

Section 3. Goals

1. To win the ACUI Intercollegiate Clay Target Championships.

2. To promote citizenship, scholarship, and marksmanship among team members.

3. To instill gun handling practices in team members and those who we compete with.

4. To encourage leadership through active participation and member responsibility.

5. To have consistent membership growth.

6. For our members to leave the team better than they found it.

Article II - Membership

Section 1. Requirements

No person shall be denied membership or discriminated against for reasons based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age, national origin, or handicap.

The Requirements for Membership are as follows:

1. Student members must be in full or part time attendance at Hampden-Sydney College on or off campus.

2. Must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher

3. Regular attendance at and active participation in team functions

4. Safe and competent firearm handling.

5. Payment of established dues to the club Treasurer within one month of joining club.

6. The club shall have a minimum of five (5) active members

Section 2. Removal Procedures and Discipline

The removal process will begin if and when any member is participating in any of the following actions: Reckless use of a firearm, any reckless behavior endangering the well being of themselves or others.

This will result in immediate review by club officers and a majority vote of active club members will lead to the member being put on probation for a semester. The member will be required to take a firearms safety course before being released from probation.  During probation a member may not participate with the team at any practice or function. A second offence will lead to termination of membership with the club.

Article III - Government

Section 1. Club Officers


a. Official leader of the club, yet has no right to make decisions without voice of club

b. Will oversee all matters pertaining to the club

c. Works with the other officers to come up with ideas for club meetings, practices, competitions, trips, and community service opportunities, etc.

d. Helps promote organization

e. Sets example for members to follow

Vice President

a. Second in authority to president, must take place of president if he is unable to attend a meeting. Therefore, the vice president must be aware of the duties of the president

b. Assists the President in all aspects of the President's responsibilities

c. Works with the other officers to come up with ideas for club meetings, practices, competitions, trips, and community service opportunities, ect.

d. Sets an example for members to follow


a. In charge of maintaining accurate club financial records and statements

b. Maintaining and holding the team's merchandise inventory

c. Soliciting Donations and aiding in setting up various types of fundraisers and overseeing their success.

d. Collecting any donations or proceeds for the club


a. Records accurate minutes at all club meetings

b. Records the scores shot by team members and keeps them in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet workbook during each academic year. They are to make available score information to team members upon their request.

c. Maintains and updates the team's mailing list

d. Writes formal letters

Section 2. Eligibility for Office

To be eligible for office, a member must:

1. Be an active member and in good standing at Hamden-Sydney College

2. Have attended ¾ of all meetings and functions

3. Show he is supportive of the organization and its goals

4. Be a member for a minimum of one full semester

5. Officers may be reelected

Section 3. Officer Elections

Elections of officers for the upcoming academic year will take place in the spring semester.  The election will be a written ballot vote held at a normally scheduled meeting.  The process will entail an announcement one month prior to Election Day via announcements made prior to practice. Any team member may nominate fellow team members to positions, with another member seconding the nomination of the prospective officer before the nomination becomes legitimate.  You may not nominate yourself.  Absentee voting will not be allowed.  The winner of an election shall be determined by the candidate with the most votes.  The President and Vice President shall count the ballots and announce the new officers.

Section 4. Officer Removal

An officer can be removed by two-thirds vote of active members if he/she is not keeping up with their stated responsibilities, fails to attend meetings, and/or academic reasons (example, academic probation).

Article IV - Meetings and Practices

Regular meetings shall be held at least once every month on a date to be decided by the club President depending on schedules
Special meetings may be called by the President or Vice President to discuss important business or information.

Officer meetings may be held as needed at the discretion of the officers. Items discussed in the officer meetings shall be confidential, and may be released to the team at the discretion of the officers.

Practices will be held at least once a month on a date to be decided by the officers and club members, depending on schedules.

Article V - Competitions

Section 1. General Information

Any team member in good standing with the team will be eligible to participate in a normal competition. Members shall also be required to pay the fee associated with a competition by the due date to be allowed to participate. Normal competitions range from half-day time lengths to weekend-long trips.

Section 2. The ACUI Intercollegiate National Clay Target Championships

This competition shall be the only one where the team must limit which of its members may attend.  The officers will choose team members who will compete in this tournament.  Selection will be based on members' regular participation in team fundraising activities and willingness to help out at practices.Other things such as attitude, seniority, and past experience in competition will also play a role in the selection process.

Article VI - Advisors and Coaches

The team will have a faculty academic advisor each academic year.  The advisor from the previous academic year will resume their role of academic advisor to the team. If the previous year's advisor declines to continue their role as academic advisor then the team must appoint a new advisor.

This advisor must be:

1. A member of the faculty of Hampden-Sydney College

2. Be familiar with shooting sports.

3. Able to recognize the importance of the team and the team's purpose.

Volunteer Coaches will have as their responsibility:

1.Teaching skills integral to the shotgun shooting sports.

2. Making certain that team members practice firearms safety.

3. Assist in overseeing the function of the team during practices.

The officers of the Team appoint coaches. Their participation in any aspect of the team is by invitation from the officers only.  The role they play on the team is to be determined by the officers.  Decisions regarding finances, a member's status on the team, tournaments to attend, the roster of the nationals' team, etc., are to be made by the officers.  Advisors and coaches may be consulted, but the final decision rests with the officers.  Coaches may be appointed and released at the discretion of the officers only.  The officers only will vote on any decisions regarding advisors and coaches.

Article VII - Finances

Section 1. Dues

Dues will be established at the beginning of the academic year by the officers.The dues will be a minimum of $30 per academic semester.

Section 2. Other Costs

Costs for ammunition, team merchandise prices, and competition costs shall be set by the officers.  Merchandise is meant to be a fundraising tool for the team.  When the team travels to competitions, the officers shall set the fee that all members shall pay to join the team on its travels.

Section 3. Target Fees

Target fees at normal practices are waived for all members who have paid dues.  Membership with the team does not provide for the target fees of additional practices or rounds other than that included in the set practice.

Article VIII- Special Relationship

The Hampden-Sydney Clay Target Club will be affiliated with shooting sports associations such as:




Article IX - Amendments and By-Laws

This constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the organization with a two-thirds vote. The amendment must be submitted at the previous club meeting.

By-Laws to this constitution may be added at any regular meeting with a two-Thirds vote. Additions to the By-Laws must be submitted at the previous club meeting.