Constitution of the H-SC Club Water Polo Team


The Hampden-Sydney College Club Water Polo team has been established in order to promote the game of water polo on the Hampden-Sydney campus.  H-SC Water Polo will encourage not only competition but also the establishment and strengthening of friendships, through the sport.  In addition the purpose of the club will be to enter competitions with other colleges.


a. All Officers

1. Elections will be held at the end of the academic school year.

2. An election may be held at the end of the first semester in the case that an officer relinquishes his position for whatever reason.

3. There is no term limit for an active officer. However each officer must be elected during each annual election.

4. In order to be elected an officer, an individual must obtain over 50% of the votes cast.

5. If an election is held without all active members present, the winning candidate must still obtain the votes of over 40% of the total roster of active players.  An election is void if the candidate does not receive 40% of the vote cast. This rule serves to make sure that the election represents enough of the members to make the decision as mutual a decision as possible. 6. No oath of office is necessary as every Hampden-Sydney student has signed the Honor Code, and is thus expected to act as a Hampden Sydney gentleman.

7. Officers have the right to submit an amendment to the constitution which may be passed by a percentage of more than 75%.

b. Captain

i. Is the voice of the organization when meeting with the Dean of students or any other member of the Administration of Hampden-Sydney College.

ii. Is also the representative of the club team when in contact with Collegiate Water Polo Association Officials.

iii. The President will work in conjunction with the Co-Captains to make decisions concerning game play including but not limited to choosing the starting-lineup and directing substitutions when necessary.

iv. While not directly in charge of finances, holds a veto against decisions made by the treasurer.

v. Responsible for both the scheduling of and communication of any practices, scrimmages, meetings, or games.

vi. In charge of any disciplinary action that is deemed necessary by the officers.

c. Co-Captains

i. There will be two Co-Captains who will work in conjunction with the Captain to make decisions concerning game play including but not limited to choosing the starting-lineup and directing substitutions when necessary.

ii. In the absence of the Captain the Co-Captains will fill both his own role and that of the Captain. In the case that the Captain leaves in the middle of a year, there will be a vote to by the club membership to appoint one of the Co-Captains to take over the position for the rest of the year.

iii. Is in charge of advertising committee. 

iv. Are in charge of storing, maintaining, and distributing any property of the organization, including game caps and balls.

d. Treasurer

i.Oversees, manages, and collects the funds for the organization.

ii.May not expend any funds without first obtaining the consent of the president and vice-president.

iii. Signs any check that must be written.

e. Secretary

i. Is to take minutes at meetings and to help with publicity if there is any. Publicity is any mention of the Club in any newspaper or other publication.

ii.I s to proof major and minor documents of the Club.

iii. Is to keep an updated roster/ contact list.


a. In order to be a member, one must be student of Hampden-Sydney College.

b. An active member must be up-to-date on any dues that may be required of members for the running of the organization, and must be regularly attend practices, scrimmages, meetings, and games.  Excused absences and minimal unexcused absences will not jeopardize the status of a member as "Active".

c. Every active member has the right to vote on elections and any other decisions that are put to the vote.

d. Active members have the right to remove an officer with an 80% vote.

e. Members and officers have the right to propose an amendment to the constitution. An amendment must be ratified by 75% of active members.  This vote can be accomplished by the signing of a petition, in order to get the votes of all members, but the number of signatures must equal or exceed 75% of registered active members.

4. Dues:

a The club holds the right to charge dues if deemed necessary by the officers.

b. A 75% majority vote from the officers is required to determine the status of necessity for dues.

c. Dues will, if collected, be used for the interests of the organization i.e. game caps, balls, gasoline, etc.

5.Game Play:

Rules for the club during game play will come from the college rules from the Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA).