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Spring 2011 by Dr. Christopher B. Howard, 24th President of Hampden-Sydney College


To secure a sustainable future for Greek Life at Hampden-Sydney College through a comprehensive review of the current fraternal environment in order to make possible the adoption of meaningful and mutually beneficial enhancements of engagement, support and communication practices between the College and its esteemed social fraternities.


Key stakeholders in Hampden Sydney College's social fraternity, or 'Greek', community have been asked to participate in a task force charged with studying existing systems, practices and processes related to Greek Life at not only H-SC, but also at deliberately selected peer and aspirant colleges and universities.   

The task force is further charged with converting the information obtained during their study into a printed report and well-vetted recommendations for policy revisions to be considered for approval by the College's Interfraternity Council (IFC), Faculty Senate, and Board of Trustees.

Successful recommendations will be designed to effectively, yet efficiently to

  • engage and support Hampden-Sydney College's social fraternity chapters and their respective members,
  • develop working relationships, and enhance communication, between all stakeholders,
  • strengthen the discernment of community among stakeholders and determine the operational structure of that incorporate a means for benchmarking the success of a policy enhancement (when possible),
  • adapt to continued cultural, societal and institutional evolution.


To ensure representation of a vast scope of opinion, education and experience, the task force is comprised of undergraduate and alumni members of H-SC fraternities, parents of current undergraduate fraternity members, faculty, administrators, chapter advisors, and trustees.


If you have questions about Project Hercules or ideas for topics you feel the task force should be considering, please don't hesitate to correspond with any of the people listed as members.  You may also communicate with the task force by either emailing us at projecthercules@hsc.edu, or by calling the Dean of Students Office (434) 223-6128.