Calendar of Events

 [Italicized items are ancillary events pertinent to, but not directly associated with, Project Hercules]

September 2, 2011

Task Force Meeting #1, Board Room

a. President Howard's Charges

i. Leadership Training

ii. Alumni Involvement

iii. Communication with parents

iv. Recognition for excellence (Greek Awards)

v. Revisit length, timing and nature of pledging

vi. Juniors and Seniors as fraternity presidents

vii. Explore mandatory drug testing

b. Sample of additional discussion points

i. Leveling of playing field

ii. Oversight of Greek System

iii. Hazing

1. Hazing v. Rite of Passage

iv. Cost of membership

v. Disciplinary trends

vi. Social boredom


September 22, 2011

Fraternity Town Hall, Johns Auditorium

September 27, 2011

Task Force Meeting #2, Cabell Room

a. Hazing

b. Leveling the Playing Field

c. Alumni Councils

d. Alumni Association report

e. Review of Fraternity Town Hall Meeting


October 25, 2011

Task Force Meeting #3, Cabell Room

a.  Meditation on Zach Grier's death

b. Recommendations to T-SAC: All receive unanimous vote

a. Alumni Councils

b. Reaffirmation of College's stance against hazing

c. Reduction of pledging to four weeks

d. Study adjustment of fraternity regulations


November 4, 2011

Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, Parents and Friends


November 17, 2012

Task Force Meeting #4, Chairman's Room

a. Report from T-SAC

b. Discussion about, and subcommittees formed to review:

i. Minimum Standards/Benchmarking

ii. Event Management

iii. Drug Testing

iv. Implementation of four T-SAC approved recommendations

c. Decision made to add call-in meeting on January 17th

i. Topic: Benchmarking and Implementation


January 17, 2012

Task Force Meeting #5, Call-in/Cabell Room

a. Benchmarking and Implementation


January 24, 2012

Task Force Meeting #5, Cabell Room

a. Event Management and Drug Testing



February 3, 2012

Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, Parents and Friends


February 23, 2012 

Fraternity Town Hall: Project Hercules, Parents and Friends


March 27, 2012

Task Force Meeting #6, Cabell Room

a. Inclusion of additional stakeholders:

i. Faculty Student Affairs Committee Members

ii. '12-'13 IFC Executive Committee

iii. '12-'13 Fraternity Presidents

b. Clarification that issues of governance are being considered at a different level

c. Summary of discussions and recommendations thus far

d. Consideration of priorities moving forward