Process and Resources

Members of this task force have been selected for not only their fraternal, but also for their professional acumen and success.  The task force is designed to be a "low-impact" addition to their already demanding schedules.  Originally, four en masse meetings of two hours each were scheduled between September 2nd, 2011 and January 24th, 2012.  As a result of additional topics of study, additional meetings have been added.  While all members are encouraged to be present for meetings, members unable to join in person are able to teleconference with the group.

To facilitate efficient examination of the wide range of subjects to be discussed, the topics for review were initially broken into four strata with each stratum corresponding with a convening of all task force members. 

Topics for Review

  1. Engaging and Supporting Hampden-Sydney's Fraternity Men
  2. Developing Relationships and Enhancing Communication
  3. Strengthening Community and Determining Structure
  4. Benchmarking Success and Acceding to Evolution

However, as clear priorities emerged among topics, meetings have tended to not adhere to this outline rigidly.   Additionally, Ad hoc subcommittees have been formed and disbanded as needed to continue reviewing topics that are not fully understood or resolved at the conclusion of full meetings of the task force.