Membership Criteria of the Society for Collegiate Journalists


In the 2nd semester, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible for membership.  Occasionally a freshman who has been very active is considered. 

The National Constitution requires that:

1) the candidate shall be a student in good academic standing,

2) the candidate shall have worked for an accredited communications medium,*

3) the candidate's work should demonstrate a commitment to the ideals of the profession, and

4) the candidate will be selected by his peers in recognition of significant contributions.**

 *At Hampden-Sydney, an "accredited communications medium" is a member organization of the Board of Publications (Garnet, Kaleidoscope, Tiger, WWHS)

**The Society interprets a "significant contribution" to require at least two semesters with the member organization.  However, because of the diversity of the campus media, we rely upon the judgment of editors or the general manager of WWHS to determine the level of each candidate's contribution.

Faculty and staff are eligible for honorary membership.