By-Laws of Lambda Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa


Section 1.  The name of this circle of The Omicron Delta Kappa Society shall be the Lambda Circle at Hampden-Sydney College.

ARTICLE II - Membership

Section 1.  Active members, synonymous with voting members, shall be

a.     All undergraduate members;
b.     Four resident members elected according to Article II, Section 2.

Resident Members shall be:

a.     Employees of Hampden-Sydney College who have been inducted into the Lambda Circle or any other recognized circle of Omicron Delta Kappa.
b.     Residents of the village of Hampden-Sydney, not employees of the College, who have been inducted into the Lambda Circle or any other recognized circle of Omicron Delta Kappa.
c.     Former employees of the Hampden-Sydney College who have been inducted into the Lambda Circle and who continue to reside in the near vicinity of the College. 

Section 2.  Four resident members shall be elected to active membership, one each year, for staggered terms of four years.

Section 3.  No resident member may serve two consecutive terms as an active member.  A resident member may serve as many additional terms as the Circle desires provided that at least one academic year separates any two terms.

Section 4. If it is the desire of the Circle to reelect an officer who is at the end of his or her term as an active member, the Circle may do so and thus extend the term of active service for the term of the office.

Section 5.  All resident members may participate in the initiation of new members and such other activities as the voting members deem appropriate.

ARTICLE III - Meetings

*Section 1.  Meetings for the transaction of business (including the initiation of new members) shall be held at least once each month of the collegiate year at such time and place as may be designated by the Circle.  Additional meetings may be called at any time by order of the President.

Section 2. The Executive Committee shall meet during the first two weeks of the 1st semester and set the dates for the fall and spring election meetings and initiations.  The Faculty Secretary shall inform all active members of the election meeting dates.  The Faculty Secretary shall inform all active and resident members of the initiation dates.

(If the President so desires, this meeting may be combined with that required in Article III, Section 3.)

Section 3.  The Executive Committee shall meet during the first two weeks of the 1st Semester to review the credentials form and to recommend additions, deletions, or other necessary changes. Recommendations shall be presented and voted on at the first regular business meeting of the academic year.  If the President so desires, for the review of the credentials form, the Executive Committee may be supplemented by up to three other active members.

(If the President so desires, this meeting may be combined with that required in Article III, Section 2.)

Section 4.  There shall be two meetings each year for the election of members.  They shall be held in September and February, at a time and place to be designated by the President (or by Circle action).  The Faculty Secretary shall give a written notification of the time and place of these meetings to all voting members at least two weeks in advance.

Section 5.  The meetings for initiation of new members shall be held no more than four weeks after the respective elections, the time and place of the fall initiation to be provided for by no later than the September election meeting.  The time and place of the spring initiation shall be provided for by no later than the February election meeting.

Section 6.  The election and installation of officers shall be held annually at the last regular business meeting of the academic year.  At this time the installation of the President and Vice President shall be marked by a simple ceremony and the President shall receive the insignia of his office.

Section 7.  A quorum for the transaction of regular business and the election of members shall consist of a simple majority of all the voting members.


ARTICLE IV - Officers and Committees

*Section 1.  The officers of the Circle shall be those provided for in the National Constitution of the Society.

Section 2.   All officers of the Circle shall be elected by secret ballot, except where there is only one nominee, and a majority of the total votes cast shall be necessary to elect.

Section 3.  Officers may serve only so long as they are active members of the Circle.

Section 4.  Their duties shall be those that usually devolve upon such officers.

Section 5.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Faculty Secretary, and Faculty Advisor of the Circle.

Section 6.  The President shall be authorized to appoint all committees whose membership has not been otherwise provided for by the Circle.

*Section 7.  All incoming officers shall have familiarized themselves with the rules and regulations of The Omicron Delta Kappa Society, as embodied in the National Constitution and By-Laws, Ordinances, Council Orders, and the Circle By-Laws.

*Section 8.  At the time of their installation, officers shall be required to state that they have complied with the requirements of Section 7.

Section 9.  The President and Faculty Secretary shall prepare written reports on activities and procedures to serve as guides for new officers.

ARTICLE V - Nominations and Election of New Members

Section 1.  Each semester, at the direction of the President, the Faculty Secretary shall invite all active and resident members of the Circle to nominate Hampden-Sydney students for election.  The list of nominees shall be complete at least three weeks prior to the election meeting.

Section 2.  Any active or resident member may nominate men or women whom he or she considers eligible and wishes to have considered for election.

Section 3.  The Faculty Secretary shall submit the list of nominees to the Registrar to determine their academic eligibility.

Section 4.  The Faculty Secretary shall send those nominees certified by the Registrar a credentials form.

Section 5.  When the credential forms have been returned, the President and Faculty Secretary shall meet to screen the nominees.  Those nominees determined by the President and Faculty Secretary to have met the minimum requirements for membership shall be presented, with their credentials, as candidates for discussion and a vote by the active members.

*Section 6.  Immediately prior to the balloting and as many times thereafter as occasion demands, the presiding officer shall call the attention of the members to the requirement that no man or woman of unquestioned eligibility should be barred for personal or political reasons, and that any questions as to personal qualification must be fully discussed at the circle selection meeting.

Section 7.  Candidates shall be individually voted on in alphabetical order, seniors then juniors, by secret written ballot.  These ballots shall be counted by a teller appointed by the President.  If any candidate receives the required number of votes for selection as provided in Article VI, Section E, of the National Constitution, he shall be declared elected.

*Section 8.  The number of votes necessary for selection shall be in accordance with the provision of Article VI, Section E of the National Constitution.

Section 9.  Candidates shall be notified of their election personally by the President or by some other member(s) appointed for the purpose (this requirement is fulfilled by the Tapping), and by letter from the Faculty Secretary.

Section 10.  Until formal public announcement, active members shall not divulge in any way or suggest to anyone except another active member the names of those who have been elected. 

Section 11.  Hampden-Sydney College faculty and staff are eligible for election to resident membership in the second semester of each academic year.

Section 12.  To be considered for election as a resident member, a faculty or staff member must have been employed by the College for no fewer than three years.

Section 13.  At the time the Faculty Secretary solicits nominees for active members for the 2nd semester, he shall also solicit nominees for resident members.  All active and resident members may nominate persons to be considered for resident membership.  The nomination must be in the form of a letter or e-mail to the Executive Committee stating the nominee's qualifications relative to Article V, Section 16 a, b, and c.

Section 14.  Prior to the February election meeting, the Executive Committee will meet to consider nominees for election as resident members. The names of no more than two candidates shall be presented at the February election meeting for discussion and a vote.

Section 15.   In the consideration of resident- member nominees, the Executive Committee shall consider the qualifications for membership in Article V, Section A of the National Constitution and the willingness of prospective resident members to play an active role in the life of the Circle.

Section 16.  In the consideration of resident-member nominees, the Executive Committee shall look beyond the performance of the duties associated with a position and consider: 

a.     Outstanding Service to the Community.  Those who make a significant volunteer commitment to the well being of Hampden-Sydney students and the betterment of the Hampden-Sydney community and the localities which surround it.
b.     Inspiring Leadership.  Those who by example, word, and deed inspire others to strive to achieve the qualities (NC Article V. Section A) recognized by the Society.
c.     Long Service to the Hampden-Sydney College.  Those who have devoted nearly all of their professional careers to the College through the faithful, conscientious, and competent fulfillment of the responsibilities of their position.

ARTICLE VI - Initiation

Section 1.  The membership-initiation fee in the amount set by the Executive Director is payable prior to initiation and shall be forwarded to the Executive Director of the Society as provided in Article VI, Sections 1,2, and 3 of the National By-Laws.

*Section 2.  The Procedure for initiation of new members shall be that provided in the Official Ritual of the Society.


Section 1.  The membership-initiation fee, payable in advance of initiation, shall be no less than $15 in excess of the amount required by the Executive Director of the Society,  the amount to be determined by the Executive Committee.

Section 2.  All active faculty members shall pay to the Faculty Secretary annual dues of $30.00.  The Faculty Secretary may request contributions from resident members as Circle finances may require.

*Section 3.  The Faculty Secretary shall present a written financial report to the President and an oral report to the Circle at the first business meeting of each semester.

ARTICLE VIII - Suspension of Voting Power of Active Members

Section 1.  Any voting member of the Circle who shall be absent for two consecutive meetings without an excuse accepted by the officers of the Circle shall be deprived of the privilege of voting in any subsequent meetings of the Circle, until he shall have attended two consecutive meetings thereafter, nor shall such member, while under such disability, be counted in reckoning a quorum.

ARTICLE IX - Order of Business

Section 1.  The suggested order of business for all regular meetings shall be as follows:

1.     Roll Call.
2.     Reading of minutes of previous meeting.
3.     Unfinished business.
4.     Reports of committees.
5.     New business.
6.     Voluntary remarks.
7.     Election of officers.
8.     Installation of officers.
9.     Election of new members.
10.   Initiation of new members.
11.   Adjournment.

Section 2.  The order of business may be changed by the Circle when desired.

ARTICLE X - Amendments and Suspension of By-Laws

*Section 1.  These by-laws may be amended by three-fourths vote of the voting members present at a meeting called for the purpose, or where this purpose has been mentioned in the call.  *Amendments must be approved by the Faculty Director and Student Director of the Province before they become effective.

Section 2.  In case of an emergency, any part of these by-laws may be suspended by three-fourths vote of the voting members present, but only for a single meeting.

January 2015
Amended January 2015

* Required by regulations of the General Council.