ODK Credentials Form


The information on this form is collected to assure that the qualifications of each member are in compliance with requirements of both the Lambda Circle and the National Office of ODK.  All information remains confidential. 

Although designed to provide the Circle with as much information as possible, no standard form can adequately give a full picture of a student's leadership and participation in campus life.  You should feel free, using space on this form or by an attachment, to provide any applicable and relevant information you wish the Circle to have.

This is especially important in regard to activities in the five categories included under "Participation."  Sometimes participation is of such a level that the Circle may decide to count it as "Leadership/Distinction."

Membership in ODK is determined by a vote of the active members of the Lambda Circle.  After election each new member is "tapped" by two current student members.  This usually takes place during a class.

Immediately after the tapping, new members will receive a letter from the Faculty Secretary stating the date, time, and place of the initiation and other events in conjunction with the initiation.

More information on the ODK National Application