Appeals Complaints

Procedures to File a Complaint Regarding an Appeal

In "Notice of Student Grievance Policies" in The Key, you will find information about filing a written appeal, for example, an appeal of a Student Court ruling, a financial aid award, or a parking ticket.  All student appeals and complaints are taken seriously and handled under established procedures. 

When a written appeal is filed, the office involved, the intake office, will maintain a record of the procedures followed; this allows the College to evaluate the appeal process.  If you are dissatisfied with the procedures, not the outcome, of the appeal, you may file a written complaint.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is a written documentation (not an e-mail) from a student that expresses dissatisfaction with the service received during an appeal, the process followed in the appeal, discrimination that transpired during an appeal, a violation of institutional policy, and/or arbitrariness or capriciousness in addressing an appeal.  Such a complaint may be submitted by either party of the appeal - the intake officer or the student.

The written complaint (not an e-mail) must include the following:

  • Complainant's name,
  • Office/individual against whom the complaint is lodged,
  • Date of complaint submission,
  • Summary (include as much relevant information as possible, such as names and incident dates), and
  • Complainant's signature.

Where do I file a complaint?

The office you file a complaint with is the same as the office you filed the appeal with.

  1. Harassment or discrimination, Office of Student Affairs, Dr. David Klein.  (If the harassment issue is with the Office of Student Affairs, the intake office is Human Resources, Ms. Barbara Armentrout.)

  2. Appeal of a conviction by the Student Court for a violation of the Honor Code or the Code of Student Conduct resulting in suspension or expulsion, Office of Student Affairs, Ms. Patty Townsend.

  3. Grades, Office of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Ms. Cameron Cary.

  4. Financial aid eligibility, Financial Aid Office, Ms. Zita Barree.

  5. Fire safety violation, Department of Security and Police, Ms. Norma Kernodle.

  6. Parking tickets, Department of Security and Police, Ms. Norma Kernodle.

  7. All other student complaints, Office of the President, Ms. Karen Montgomery.

Once an intake office receives a written complaint, the designated officer will input this information into a tracking database, as well as follow standard office procedures in forwarding complaints for resolution.  The information entered into the tracking system will be analyzed by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

Why should I file a complaint?

Filing a complaint is important because it helps the College evaluate the effectiveness of the appeal process and can lead to improvements in that process.

The President and his Cabinet, made up of the Senior Staff officers of the College, will review complaints monthly, beginning in February 2014, with an overall yearly evaluation of the metadata each June, to determine if any trends exist in the data.  If a trend is identified, the President and his Cabinet will determine the next course of action and implement changes as appropriate.

Record of this trend analysis and subsequent outcomes will be maintained in an electronic file in the Office of the President and will be maintained for a period of fifteen years to ensure that data is longitudinally available for regional accreditors.