The Good Men Plan

Good Men Pan at H-SC

Since 1775, Hampden-Sydney College has been producing Good Men and Good Citizens in an environment of sound learning. After 239 years of practice, we're confident we can prepare you for success as a good man and good citizen by helping you discover and realize your own potential through the "Good Men Plan."

The "Good Men Plan," or GMP, is a series of co-curricular experiences designed to engage students and enrich their experience during their first year of College. Each semester, all first-year students will attend three "Good Men Plan" programs on Thursdays during Convocation Period (11:30-12:15). These six programs explore a wide range of topics including citizenship, service, masculinity, self-awareness, professional development and more. 

You'll learn more about the "Good Men Plan" on C Day. In the meantime, know that while we expect you'll graduate from Hampden-Sydney as a good man and good citizen, we have a plan to support you along the way.

Themes for First Year Students:

  • Citizenship, Civility, Service, and Leadership
  • Understanding Manhood and Masculinities
  • Self-awareness, Vocational Reflection, and Professional Development