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Men's Wellness

On-Campus Resources

Hampden-Sydney College Wellness Center

Chaplain's Office

Pre-Health Society

President: Drake Bishop,

Advisor: Dr. Kristian Hargadon,


Office of Student Affairs

External Resources

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Men's Health Webpage

WebMD Men's Health Webpage

Skin Cancer Foundation - Step by Step Self Exam

MedlinePlus - Testicular Self Exam

"5 B's for Men's Wellness"

President Howard spoke about the 5 B's at the beginning of the semester. I would like to take those 5 B's and cast them into the world of Men's Wellness.

1.) Be yourself - The first step in being yourself is knowing yourself. In regards to wellness, you need to be aware of your body and any changes that happen to it. These changes encompass both physical and mental.

2.) Be humble - Men are twice as less likely to seek help than women even when they know they are ill. Be humble and know when you need to ask for help in any manner or form but especially in regards to your health.

3.) Be accountable - You are responsible for your own well being. Take care of yourself by treating your body right and by getting the appropriate help or checkups from medical professions as they are needed.

4.) Be courageous - This is one simple. Have the courage to not only stop actions that could directly harm yourself but be willing to step up and stop a fellow classmate as well. We talk about not being a bystander but an upstander. Have the courage to be that person.

5.) Be the change in the world that you want to see - For this occur, it is imperative that you are healthy to live long enough to make the impact that you know that you can make.

-Dr. Trey Thurman, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy &

 Project Leader of Men's Wellness Good Men Program on behalf of the Men's Studies Committee.