Academic Advisors and Session Locations

Friday, August 21

2:10 pm – 3:10 pm (Parent Session)

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm (Student Session)

Introduction to Academic Advising (F) (T)

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Better Learning

Students and their family members will meet with advisors for a brief discussion of the role of the advisor and general academic requirements.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions about the academic program, and each student will sign up for an individual session with his advisor for Monday to discuss his specific academic plan. 

Advisor Room
Michael Allen Library, Cabell Room
Jim Arieti Morton 324
Steve Bloom Gilmer 025
Guy Burnette Morton 224
Lisa Burns Bagby 307
Stan Cheyne Gilmer 019
Evan Davis Morton 316
Elizabeth Deis Morton 216
Jana Dejong Bagby 312
Ken Deluca Morton 121
Eric Dinmore Maples 2
Caroline Emmons Maples 1
Jason Ferguson Settle Hall, Board Room
Lisa Franklin-Prioleau Bagby, 022
Lowell Frye Morton 223
Marc Hight Settle Hall, Chariman’s Room
Heidi Hulsizer Bagby 106
Robert Irons Morton 320
Jonathan Keohane Gilmer 005
Lee King Westmerton
Ken Lehman Morton 317
Berkley Leonard Settle Hall, Board Room
Ed Lowry Gilmer 105
Dan Mossler Bagby 111
Joseph Rockelmann Johns 207
Herb Sipe Gilmer 220
Rucker Snead Wilson Center 201
Becca Snyder Bagby 310
Jennifer Vitale Bagby 217
Dan Weese Bagby 218
Kathy Weese Morton 112
Alex Werth Gilmer 128
Mike Wolyniak Gilmer 105