Academic Advisors and Session Locations

Students and their family members will meet with advisors for a brief discussion of the role of the advisor and general academic requirements. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about the academic program, and each student will sign up for an individual session with his advisor for Monday to discuss his specific academic plan.

Advisor Room
Bill Anderson Gilmer 105
Jim Arieti Library 200
Steve Bloom Gilmer 005
Lisa Burns Bagby 310
Celia Carrol Jones Morton 112
Sherry Ceperich Morton 320
Stan Cheyne Gilmer 019
Nick Deifel Gilmer 222
Jason Ferguson Morton 121
Lisa Franklin-Prioleau Bagby 111
Christa Fye Bagby 217
Rachel Goodman Winston Commons
Sarah Hardy Morton 119
Bob Herdegen Bagby 307
Rebecca Jayne Chairman's Room, Settle
Dirk Johnson Board Room, Settle
Berkeley Leonard Morton 120
Ed Lowry Winston Commons
Ellen Masters Bagby 312
Paul Mueller Gilmer 124
Steele Nowlin Morton 216
Renee Severin Board Room, Settle
Herb Sipe Gilmer 220
Rucker Snead Wilson Center, 201
Trey Thurman Gilmer 019
Mike Utzinger Cabell Room, Library
Tom Valente Chairman's Room, Settle
Jen Vitale Bagby 106
Alex Werth Gilmer 125
Mike Wolyniak Bortz Library, 4th floor