What To Bring To College

First thing you should do is call your roommate and coordinate what each of you is going to bring. There is nothing worse than having two refrigerators but no TV or, even worse, two of everything! Here is a list of things that will likely come in handy during the year. Not all of them are a must, but they all turn out to be pretty useful.

A tried and true checklist:


Bath & Hand towels
Twin Sheets (or extra long; can be bought in town upon arrival)

Personal Items

Toothbrush, paste
Brush & comb
Shaving items
Hair dryer
Bath soap
Basket (to carry toiletries to bathroom)

Laundry/clothing care

Detergent, fabric softener, stain remover
Laundry basket/bag
Coat hangers
Drying rack

Miscellaneous Items

Sewing kit & Small Tool Kit
First aid supplies
Headache/cold medicine
Alarm clock
Waste paper basket
Mug, glass, plate, knife, fork, spoon, pan
Change for snacks
Small Personal fan
Disinfectant/Air Freshener

Optional Decoration

Poster, photos, artwork
Small area rug
Desk lamp, clip-on light

Other Equipment

Television with a shielded coaxial cable
Universal Remote Control
Stereo, radio, headphones
Small refrigerator
Small Vacuum
Computer (Internet access available)
Surge protectors (FireShield brand only)
Bike & lock
Microwave Oven (600 Watts maximum)

More importantly, what you should leave at home!!!

High school memorabilia
Full size refrigerator (rooms are only so big)
Fire arms (you may bring a hunting rifle and store it in a campus gun locker- call the Dean of Students Office for more info)
Expensive clothing and jewelry
Off season clothes (your closets are only so big)