How the Student Honor System Works

On your first day at Hampden-Sydney you will come face-to-face with a very important challenge–your commitment to the Student Honor System, a vital institution at our College.

The Honor Code
"The Hampden-Sydney student will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.”

The Code of Conduct
"The Hampden-Sydney student will behave as a gentleman at all times and in all places."
Our Student Honor System has been a living force on our campus for over 150 years. Completely student administered, our Honor System continues to live and breathe because of the ongoing commitment on the part of the student body and faculty.

At Hampden-Sydney, the word honor describes a way of life. The privileges of our Honor System are many. You will not find a better system anywhere. But such privileges require responsibility. Hampden-Sydney men are bound to uphold the Honor Code year-round, whether on or off campus. If found guilty of an Honor Code violation by his peers on the Student Court, a student is either suspended or expelled from the College. It is your responsibility to be knowledgeable about the Honor Code and to be prepared to face up to the consequences of your own actions. Ignorance is no excuse.

Prepare for the challenges ahead, and think about the following statement, to which you must pledge yourself when you arrive at Hampden-Sydney:

left quoteI understand and hereby accept the Hampden-Sydney Honor Code, which is not only tradition but an inseparable part of the life of the College. I recognize my responsibility to abide by the Code at all times year-round and to cooperate fully with the Student Court in any matter. Furthermore, I fully realize that any breach of the Honor Code will lead to forfeiture of all rights and privileges which I now enjoy as a member of the student body of Hampden-Sydney College. I am aware that my signature below certifies acceptance of the Honor Code during all my student days at Hampden-Sydney College.right quote

Take advantage of your free time and read the short section in The Key concerning the Honor System. You will receive a more in-depth explanation of our Honor System during your first day on campus.