Jabali Afrika

Chris Morgan '00, Chris Carroll '00, and 
Corey Morgan '00 jam to the beat of Jabali Afrika.
One of the Jabali members delivers 
some sultry sounds from Africa.

Jabali came to Hampden-Sydney College from East Kenya to be one of the programs for Black History Month. They have performed all across the globe. This musical and dance group brought a lot of energy and excitement to Hampden-Sydney with their stimulating sounds. Their performance truly invigorates the audience and calls for crowd participation. Hampden-Sydney was no exception. Students, faculty, and staff were engulfed in the compilation of sounds that stimulated the body. A number of people went on stage with Jabali Afrika and banged the drums with the group. This was an evening of fun for everyone. 

High praises for Jabali Afrika. Much concentration is required 
to tap out these sounds.

Brother Morgan receives a quick lesson 
from a professional African drummer.