The Freedom of Choices & Voices Kemba Smith

January 17, 2005

Kemba SmithHer story has been told on ABC's Nightline and Early Morning Show, Fox TV, C-SPAN and other notable television programs. On January 17, 2005, Kemba Smith will be on Hampden-Sydney's campus to share that same story with our community as she will be this year's Martin Luther King, Jr. speaker. Kemba gained national attention after being sentenced 24½ years in federal prison without the possibility of parole for a first time non-violent drug offense. She served 6½ years before President Bill Clinton granted her clemency in 2000.

Kemba Smith, a former federal prisoner, is a legal assistant at Arnold Henderson & Associates in Richmond, Va. She is a Soros Fellow advocating federal drug-sentencing reform and founder of the Kemba Smith Foundation. Kemba now travels the country to share her story and speak about current issues in drug sentencing and policy. More information can be gathered from:

Kemba Smith with H-SC students Brett Smith
Kemba Smith with Mr. Foster Patrick Gipson