Hampden-Sydney men with Careers in the Outdoors

Many of Hampden-Sydney's alumni go on to have rewarding and successful careers in outdoor fields. Here are just a few of them.

Tyler Moore '11

Tyler Moore '11
I'm working with North Carolina State University on a 3 year project studying Striped Bass migration and mortality. We are tagging fish with a variety of different tags, but the most interesting are the sonic transmitters. We surgically implant transmitters in the fish and can track their movements real-time. These fish are highly migratory and will travel from Weldon N.C (close to I-95) to all the way up to the coast of New England for example. They had a few fish that were tagged last year get picked up on receivers in the Hudson Bay.

JT PalmoreJT Palmore '08
JT is a full-time professional tournament angler on the FLW Tour and a bass-fishing guide on Lake Gaston and Kerr Lake between Virginia and North Carolina.

Whit BrooksWhit Brooks '01
The outdoors to me directly represents individual freedom from responsibilities and my first true love. I would often get caught during class staring out the window at the trees, the colors, or anything that passed by my small grasp of freedom. I often rode my bike down Wilson Trail and did my required reading at the base of a large tree. Years later my passion for the outdoors has not waned. In 2005 I moved to California and started my own bicycle company. My main goal was and is fun. On Mondays the shop would go mountain biking near Tahoe and discuss new products and designs. In winter months we would go four wheeling and shooting on the same trails, then explore local water holes. Back in Richmond seven years later, I founded RVA Fat Tire Rides, a social ride that focuses on fun outdoors and supporting the local economy. Whether riding at night or during the day we start at a locally-owned food establishment place along the way and end at another locally-owned business. It's a great way to support small places where word of mouth is their sole form of advertising. In the end people discover how easy it is to commute by bike in urban areas and have fun doing so.
Paul DavisPaul Davis '01
Paul develops rod and reel concepts and products for Pure Fishing, a high-end fishing tackle organization in Columbia, South Carolina. He also maintains the Palmetto Kayak Fishing Blog, a popular blog within the kayak fishing community.


Bryan SheridanBryan Sheridan '97
An office job was never an option for me. At HSC, I knew I wanted to be working outside or on the road. I have been fortunate enough to work for some great companies that focused on the Outdoor Market. Currently I am the regional sales representative for Smith Optics. Smith Optics is the market leader in Snow Goggles, Snow Helmets & Sunglasses. My job takes me from the beaches to the mountains in the beautiful Mid-Atlantic region. Sales meetings and tradeshows take me to exotic coasts and tall peaks. No cubicle for me.
Chris DodsonChris Dodson '94
Chris manages the Field Operations Division of Timmons Group for VA and NC. The division includes Environmental Services, Survey, Geotech and Construction. Through his work Chris has been involved in the restoration of hundreds of acres of wetlands and thousands of feet of streams throughout the Mid-Atlantic.
Jim HickeyJim Hickey '93
After fishing the rivers of Virginia and North Carolina near Hampden-Sydney while he was a student, he moved to Wyoming and has enjoyed a wildly successful angling career. Jim is a member of the United States Fly Fishing Team and was named Orvis-Endorsed Freshwater Fly Fishing Guide of the Year for 2008. A partner of WorldCast Anglers, Jim also oversees the Western Rivers Professional Guide School.