Trail Points of Interest

Logging Trail on Wilson TrailThe granite marker and a matching one in the back yard of Thornton Place define a line on true north. They were probably erected in the late 1800s by James R. Thornton, 1871, professor of mathematics 1883-1911. It is unclear whether they marked an actual boundary or were simply an exercise in surveying skills.

The logging trail was cut in the early 20th century to bring out pulpwood from the College's woodlands.

Waterworks Ruins. In 1913, President Graham undertook to improve the College's water supply.  Here a dam and sluices collected water from several spring-fed streams; it was then run through filtration tanks (whose walls still stand), and pumped up to the water tower beside Cushing Hall by a Model-T Ford engine bolted to the pylons beside the path.

Granite Marker

Water works remains