Check-in/Check-out/Break Policies



Check-in:   The College sets designated dates for arrival of new and returning students.  In order to make move-in run as smoothly as possible for students, as well as staff members assisting with move-in, the College asks that all students make arrangements to move in on those designated days. 

Only approved students, whose names have been submitted in mid-July to the Office of Student Affairs by staff members in charge of early College related programs, may arrive before the designated arrival date.  Students may not occupy or place belongings in rooms before the official move-in date.  Failure to follow policy could result in disciplinary action and/or a fine.

Students are required to contact their Resident Advisor or House Manager within 48 hours of their August move-in to complete an Online Room Condition and Furnishings Report for their room.  Students must move into their assigned rooms.  All room changes must be approved by the Director of Residence Life prior to any move.  Unapproved room changes are subject to a $300.00 fine and the student having to move to their originally assigned room.

Students must contact the Office of Student Affairs ( if they wish to stay on campus during the Fall, Thanksgiving or Spring breaks and make other arrangements for meals if the dining hall will not be operating.
All residence halls are closed during the break between first and second semester.  Students must vacate their rooms the day of their last exam. Students have a 24 hour window following their last exam in May to pack up and move out of their dorm room.


Check-Out:  (Mid-Term or End of Semester Check-Out)   If you decide to leave the College during or at the end of the semester, please notify the Office of Student Affairs (  You should also contact your Resident Advisor or House Manager.  He will complete an inspection of your room and have you sign your Online Room Furnishings and Condition Report.  You will be billed should you be liable for any damages.  Students who are asked to leave the College must vacate their room by the DEADLINE set in their administrative letter. 

Check-out: (Year-end) Check-out procedures are more detailed than mid-term or end of semester check-out. 

Procedures include scheduling a room check-out meeting with your RA/House Manager, packing up all of your personal property and removing it from your room, sweeping your room and closing your blinds, locking your door and returning your key to Buildings and Grounds.

Remember that only graduating seniors are allowed to remain on campus after exams. All other students should plan on leaving campus within 24 hours of completing their exams. 

All College-owned student residences will be closed, locked, and vacated at 7:00 PM, on Sunday following graduation.  You should carefully read and become familiar with close-out procedures to avoid the subsequent fines should you fail to follow those procedures.

Please note:   The College does not provide any storage for students during the summer months OR the week between graduation and the start of May Term.  There are plenty of storage units for rent in the area.  Please refer to the local yellow pages for their locations.