Housing Frequently Asked Questions

The Housing Selection Calendar for current student Fall housing selections will be posted online in January. All upper class housing is contingent on a student registering for Fall courses. Following is a general schedule:
  • Fraternities - Mid-February
  • Resident Advisors - January - Mid-February 
  • Specialty (College owned cottages, apartments and Traditional off-campus) - Late February - Early March 
  • Specialty (Sophomore, Theme and Office Assignment) - Late February - Early March 
  • Regular - Late March - Early April 
  • New Students – New in 2015, new students (Freshmen and Transfers) who have paid their deposit will be asked to complete and sign the required Housing Questionnaire (including the H-SC Housing Agreement) through their TigerWeb account. Housing assignments will be made in June according to the date the housing questionnaire is completed. Housing assignments and roommate information will be available on the TigerWeb Student Life portal after July 1. If unassigned at that time, students should continue to check their accounts for assignments or changes in their assignments.
Choices are double or single bedrooms for new students in residence halls. Currents students also have limited choices of double and single apartment bedrooms. They are available for selection by groups of upperclassmen.

Please note: All students in double rooms should be aware that the College reserves the right to place another student in the room should a vacancy become available in a double room. Students may not secure a double room by themselves without a roommate during selections or throughout the semester. Students are encouraged to fill the vacancy in their rooms with a roommate of their choosing by contacting the Office of Student Affairs to avoid a random assignment.
Hampden-Sydney College has a limited number of single occupancy rooms you may select during your housing selection time. The rental rate and technology fee is higher for single rooms. Estimated fees will be posted on the Housing Selection Calendar when available. The Financial Aid website provides final charges during the summer on the Tuition and Fees page.
  1. Non-Traditional rosters: Submit your name for inclusion on a roster for Non-Traditional Housing through the faculty advisor or house manager. They are responsible for submitting your name to OSA in mid-February. 
  2. Paper applications (with a group) for rising Sophomore Housing (Dickinson Hall), rising Junior Housing (Coxe Hall) or Theme Housing
  3. Online housing selections: these are based on academic standing within each class. Rising seniors with the highest grade point average will have the earliest selection times. 
  4. Specialty Housing: There are 219 five (5) minute time slots spread over a three night time period in which rising seniors and a few top rising juniors have the option to select specialty housing before anyone below them can select. Eligible students may compete for one of the 32 Traditional Off-Campus slots (plus 10 waitlist slots if these are taken). College-owned Apartments and Cottages are also available. If housing is left after the third night of selections ALL students may compete for it on a first come basis at 11:05p.m. Students who receive one of the 219 time slots are not required to select during this time if they wish to wait for regular residence hall room selections
  5. Regular Housing: Selections take place after Spring Break and include housing in Regular Residence Halls (Venable Hall, B Dorm, Johnson Hall, Hampden-House Units and Carpenter Z 1st floor.) If no rooms are available when you sign up for housing you will sign an online TBA (to be assigned) housing agreement. Your name will be added to a waiting list. All students on the TBA list are guaranteed a room on campus. After July 1, students may view their room and or roommate assignment on the TigerWeb Student Life portal. The rental rate and technology fee is higher for single rooms. Fees will be posted on the Housing Selection Calendar when available. The Financial Aid website provides final charges during the summer on the Tuition and Fees page.
  1. Hampden-Sydney is a residential college and limits the number of students allowed to live off campus. Unless you have secured an off-campus housing assignment in March you should not sign a lease. There are 32 slots available online in March. 
  2. Students who qualify as rising seniors with 73 or more earned hours as of January 1 of the current year are eligible to compete for one of 32 off campus (landlord rental) arrangements during Spring housing selections. 
  3. Selection is based on the criteria set forth in the Academic Catalogue. There is also a waiting list which is used only when necessary. Students on the waitlist are not guaranteed an off campus spot.
  4. Married, non-traditional students over age 24 or students requesting permission to commute from their parent or guardian’s home should submit an Exemption Cover Sheet and a Commuter Request Form to Ms. Shirley Huskey in the Office of Student Affairs by February 1.
  1. A housing committee will review properly submitted requests for exemption to the College housing policy. Completed exemption request forms for Fall housing should be presented to the Wellness Center by February 1 for review. Late requests will not be accepted. 
  2. Forms include: Request for Special Housing Policy Exemption cover sheet and written request. If it applies the Medical Information Form should filled out by the student and presented to his health care provider for completion and submission to the Wellness Center. Both forms must be completed and submitted to the Wellness Center no later than February 1.
  3. A student who wants to request permission to commute from their parent or guardian’s home must complete and submit a Request for Special Housing Policy Exemption cover sheet and Student Commuter Status Housing Request to Shirley Huskey in the Office of Student Affairs by February 1. A new form must be completed each spring semester for the following Fall. 
  4. New students entering in the Fall should indicate on their housing questionnaire if they wish to commute from their parent’s home, complete these forms and contact our office at 434-223-6317 by June 1.
Non-Traditional Housing includes room assignments which are not “selected” during an online process. Students only need to go online to accept housing assignments. Rosters and status requests must be submitted to Shirley Huskey in mid-February. These include:
  1. Requests submitted by married, 5th year seniors (transcript required), non-traditional students (age 24 or older) or students commuting from their parent or guardian's home. Housing Exemption Forms required.
  2. Resident Advisors, Student Body President, Student Court Chairman and roommates if applicable. 
  3. Qualified students requesting to “squat” their current room. 
  4. Students who submitted requests and were approved for Special Housing Exemption. 
  5. Students who have requested their names be submitted on rosters for Academic Theme houses (Honors, Spanish), or other Theme Houses (MSU, TAC or any 2nd year Theme Houses) by their house managers or Faculty Advisor. (Housing awards mentioned are subject to change.)
Eligible students wishing to keep or “squat” their current room must submit their intention to do so during Non-Traditional Housing registration. Students with 41 or more earned hours whose cumulative grade point average meets or exceed the current all-men's average (TBD) will be permitted to squat their room if it is eligible. (Specialty Housing, DKSNH and Coxe Hall rooms are not eligible.) If the room being squatted is a double room and both current residents wish to squat the room and pull different roommates, the resident with the highest cumulative grade point average will have first pick of the room, provided they each are in the same hours bracket. "Squatting" a room applies only to the room a student currently lives in. For example, one who now lives in HH1 cannot "squat" HH6. If you were awarded off campus this year, you still need to compete for online selection for next year. No "squatting" is allowed from year to year for those living in any of the awarded College owned apartments or traditional off campus housing. This also pertains to anyone granted special exemptions.
Fall abroad programs: If you have definite plans to study abroad in the Fall and are working with the Office of International Studies you will not need to sign up for housing. Remember to contact the Office of Student Affairs before December 10th to discuss your housing options when you return in January (434-223-6317).

Spring or Full Year abroad programs:
Students who plan to study abroad for the Spring Semester should compete for Fall housing online or e-mail shuskey@hsc.edu if you need assistance by February 1. If you study abroad for the entire academic year you should compete for online housing during the second semester or contact the Office of Student Affairs to discuss your options by February 1.

If a student is unsure of his study abroad commitment he should compete for housing and assume he will be on campus for the remainder of the year. Remember, once your selection time passes your options will diminish quickly so make your selection early. The student should contact our office as soon as he confirms his plans. Room assignments cannot be held for a student who will not be in attendance.
Each fraternity is obligated to fill its beds. Fraternity house managers will submit housing rosters for the upcoming year in early February. Each fraternity will be required to fill each bed with eligible members who agree to live in the house, prior to their names being submitted to the Office of Student Affairs, and provide a list of no fewer than 3 alternates. The alternates must agree that they will live in the house in the event of a vacancy. Each student contemplating living in a fraternity house is urged to discuss this with their parents before committing to living there.

Rosters are submitted to the Office of Student Affairs (rpantele@hsc.edu) and each resident on the roster must sign an online housing agreement. Each fraternity must have an appointed House Manager who will reside in the house during the full academic year. The President in office in the Fall of the year must live in the house for the academic year.
Married students who live with their spouses and seek on-campus housing must make arrangements for housing through the Office of Student Affairs. This should be done by February 1 for current students. Incoming students should indicate this request on the New Student Housing Questionnaire by June 1. Generally, married students live in the Blake Apartments, when available, or off campus.
Students must complete and submit a REQUEST TO REMAIN ON CAMPUS form to the Office of Student Affairs (shuskey@hsc.edu) by Friday of the week before break begins if they wish to stay on campus or return early during the Fall, Thanksgiving or Spring breaks and make other arrangements for meals if the dining hall will not be operating.

All residence halls are closed during the break between first and second semester. Students must vacate their rooms the day of their last exam. Students have a 24 hour window following their last exam in May to pack up and move out of their dorm room.
John Ramsay – Director of Residence Life (Jramsay@hsc.edu) 434-223-7154
Shirley Huskey– Student Life Data Coordinator (shuskey@hsc.edu) 434-223-6317