Important Notices


Fraternity Housing:  Fraternity members are not eligible for any specialty housing or regular housing until all beds in the respective fraternity houses are filled for the upcoming school year.  Rosters for Fall housing assignments are submitted each February to the Dean of Students office before specialty Housing selections begin.   Unless prior approval is received by the Assistant Dean of Greek Life by the first Monday in February, IFC Fraternity presidents must reside in their respective houses during the Fall semester.  They must compete for and secure one of the 32 Traditional off campus slots if they want to live off campus during the Spring semester of the upcoming academic year.   Contact the Dean of Greek Life NOW if you have questions regarding fraternity housing policies.  Please refer to the Housing Selection Calendar for the dates Fraternity Housing Contracts must be signed ONLINE.

Feb 14 (Tue)       Fraternity Housing rosters due in Blake A by NOON

Feb. 21-22 (Tues-Wed)  Fraternity Housing Contracts signed ONLINE-8am Tues to midnight Wed

Course Registration Required:

All students must register for the upcoming Fall courses during their registration period in March to secure any H-SC housing.  ONLINE HOUSING CONTRACT STIPULATION:   Assignments and housing contracts are contingent on a student registering for Fall courses during their registration period. Failure to do so will result in the contact becoming VOID and forfeiture of the housing assignment for the entire group or an individual's off-campus award.

Late Housing Registration Fee:  

A fee of $100.00 will be assessed to students who fail to register for housing and sign a housing contract online.  Students who are unsure or know they will not be returning in the Fall should contact our office by April 20 to avoid being charged the late fee.