Housing Selection Overview

New students who have not participated in our room selection process should pay special attention to this information concerning housing selections for the next academic year. Students choose rooms according to Housing Selection Guidelines and their cumulative hours and gpa earned at the end of their previous Fall semester at H-SC. Therefore, the better your academic performance, the better choice you will have for housing. Any questions may be directed to the Office of Student Affairs at (434) 223.6317. Please note that ALL housing is contingent on a student registering for Fall courses during his registration period.

ESTIMATED Room Rates and actual figures are listed at Tuition and Fees. Double and single room rental rates are the same in residence halls and apartments.

Housing Selection Process: 2016-17 Housing Selection Calendar


NEW in January 2016
Any student planning to return to H-SC in the Fall must go to TigerWeb Documents and Forms to read, sign and submit their housing agreement. Failure to do so will exclude a student from housing selections in February and March. A $100 Late Housing Registration fee will be charged to anyone who has not signed an agreement or contacted our office about their plans by mid-April. Read the Agreement.

Confirmation E-mail
A student involved in any non-traditional housing (those processes that take place late January-February) involving an online submission by a house manager or OSA staff person will receive an e-mail which requires the student to reply and confirm his housing/room assignment by submitting his e-mail address as his signature and pick a meal plan to secure his housing assignment. 

Late January 
Housing Policy Exemption forms for Non-Traditional Housing are due in Blake A or the Wellness Center. No forms will be accepted after February 1.

Non-Traditional Housing forms due in Blake A include:

    • Married students who live off campus with their spouses or seek on-campus housing must make arrangements through the Office of Student Affairs. Incoming students should indicate this request on the New Student Housing Questionnaire by June 1. Generally, married students live in the Blake Apartments, when available, or off campus.   
    • 5th year seniors (transcript required),
    • Non-traditional students (age 24 or older)
    • Students commuting from their parent or guardian's home
    • Qualified students requesting to "squat"* their current room. 

Those due in the Wellness Center include:

    • Medical exemption forms with required documentation are due in the Wellness Center. 


Housing selections requiring applications and housing assignments submitted under the new online roster process and e-mail confirmations of assigned students:

    • Resident advisor selections (applications, interview process, hiring, rehiring and confirmations)
    • Fraternity housing rosters submitted online by house managers and assigned student e-mail confirmations
    • Sophomore or Junior and Theme Housing paper applications, awards and e-mail confirmations (Due to changes in the process Theme applications are only available in Blake A.)
    • Students agreeing to live in Theme Housing for a second year, Chairman of the Student Court and Student Body President, and roommates (See new procedures in February 2016 below)

NEW in February 2016 

House Managers or OSA staff will obtain agreed upon room/roommate assignment rosters and enter them online. Once aN online building roster is completed, the house manager submits the form to the Office of Student Affairs. Each assigned student will confirm the assignment and pick a meal plan automatically housing them for the following fall semester. 

PLEASE NOTE:  A student must have signed an online housing agreement in January to be included in the housing selection data.


Two online housing selection procedures for upperclassmen who signed an online housing agreement in January.  VIEW UPPERCLASS HOUSING

    • Specialty Housing: traditional (32) off-campus slots (landlord pay) and College-owned cottages and apartments. Students should not sign a lease until they secure one of these slots.
    • Regular Housing:  Selections take place after Spring Break when Specialty Housing selections have concluded.  These include housing in Regular Residence Halls (Venable Hall, B Dorm, Johnson Hall, Hampden-House Units, Carpenter Z, and Carpenter Y ground floor.)  Students who have no online housing left to choose or those who passed their opportunity to choose housing during their selection time will automatically be put on a TBA (to be assigned) waitlist.  Each student will get an e-mail concerning his housing options and meal plan selection.  After July 1, students may view their room and or roommate assignment on the TigerWeb Student Life portal.