Housing Selection

New students who have not participated in our room selection process should pay special attention to this information.

Hampden-Sydney College has two online housing selection procedures for upperclassmen.

  • The first is "Specialty Housing" in which students make selections of our traditional (32) off-campus slots (landlord pay) and our College-owned apartments. Eligible students select these assignments through an online process that takes place in late February/early March. Students make these selections according to rank of cumulative hours and gpa earned through the Fall semester of the current academic year. Students also make a meal plan selection during the selection process. Included in this process, for rising Sophomores only, are apartments in Dickinson Hall. Groups of four rising Sophomores make application for these apartments in the Office of Student Affairs. Awards are made according to the highest aggregate cumulative GPA of a group. Each student must have earned 15 credit hours or more.
  • In March students may participate in regular residence hall housing selections during our Online Room Choosing Process. This too, is based on the cumulative hours and gpa earned at the completion of the Fall Semester of the current academic year.
  • Please note that ALL housing is contingent on a student registering for Fall courses during his registration period.

Freshmen will choose rooms according to their cumulative hours and gpa earned at the end of their first Fall semester at H-SC. Therefore, the better your academic performance, the better choice you will have for your Sophomore year housing. Any questions may be directed to the Office of Student Affairs at x:6317.

Special note:
Anyone choosing an available double room during the online process must have a roommate at the time of your room selection. You cannot secure a double room without a roommate. At the close of the room selection process, any student who is left without online housing to choose from, or does not have a roommate to secure a double room must select the TBA (to be assigned) option online which will enable him to sign a TBA housing agreement and select a meal plan. Students who select the TBA R1 option will be put on a waitlist for available single rooms. Every student who has not selected housing must sign a TBA agreement.  Another student cannot sign a TBA agreement for you.  Any student who fails to sign up for housing or contact the Office of Student Affairs (x:6317) concerning Fall housing, may be charged a $100.00 late housing registration fee.

Housing Agreement:
All H-SC students, whether they live on campus, off campus or commute from their parent's homes, are required to sign a housing agreement and select a MEAL PLAN. Students must complete course registration to secure housing. Read the Agreement.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding your housing. You may call 434-223-6317.

updated 09-08-2015