Fraternity Housing Process

Fraternity House Rosters:

Each fraternity is obligated to fill its beds. New in 2016: Fraternity house managers will complete an online roster with resident room assignments for the upcoming year in early February. Each fraternity will be required to fill each bed with eligible members with a grade point average of 2.0 or above and they must be listed in the College database as a member.  They must agree to live in the house prior to their names being submitted online.  Once the form is submitted each member will receive an e-mail requesting agreement to required questions and selection of a meal plan before confirmation by e-mail signature to their assignment.  Failure to fill the house with eligible members at this time will delay any members of the fraternity access to other housing selections.  Fraternity house managers also must provide a list of no fewer than 3 alternates to the dean in the Office of Student Affairs. The alternates must agree that they will live in the house in the event of a vacancy. Each student contemplating living in a fraternity house is urged to discuss this with their parents before committing to living there and will be asked to confirm such on his housing confirmation e-mail.  Each fraternity must have an appointed House Manager who will reside in the house during the full academic year. The President in office in the Fall of the year must live in the house for the academic year.