Housing Agreement

College policies and the rules and regulations contained in the Code of Student Conduct are considered a part of this agreement. Every student is expected to read these policies and regulations of the code contained in The Key. Thus, not all rules pertaining to residence hall life are repeated in this agreememt. Special attention should be paid to the statement on maintenance inspections contained in the Code. Ignorance is no excuse.

All students are expected to read the following statements, sign, and date this agreement. No students registration is complete until it is signed and returned to the Office of Student Affairs.

Students should note that the College does not carry insurance to cover the loss of student's property by fire, theft, damage, etc.

All freshmen must live in college residence halls unless they are married or are commuter students living in the area with their parents. With the exception of married students living in the area with their spouse, commuter students living in the area in the home of their parents, and fifth-year men (one who has completed eight full, full-time semesters), all students are required to live in and maintain residence in a College-owned facility. Only registered students and College-assigned occupants may reside in College-owned facilities. The College may make exceptions to this housing policy for students wishing to live off campus, normally only when enrollment exceeds housing capacity. Though the College tries to grant the preference of each student in making housing assignments, the College’s policy of trying to maintain full residence halls as a residential college has to be adhered to. This means that, on occasion, some assignments may have to be changed if there are vacancies in the residence halls. Roommate requests are granted whenever possible for upperclassmen; however, some changes may be necessary in the interest of the total housing program. The Office of Student Affairs staff who will grant roommate requests made by June 1, assigns roommates for freshmen.

All room care and general housekeeping are the resident’s responsibility. The custodial staff will keep the public areas, halls, and baths clean, and they will take trash from rooms. Unsanitary conditions may result in disciplinary action and fines. Locked doors and access routes (unlocked or locked) to attics or maintenance storage areas may not be entered.

Television, radio, and/or any audio equipment may not be hooked up to the College’s antennas, nor may any antenna be attached to the exterior of any college building or placed outside the building.

Removal of College-owned property or furniture from any room, hall, lounge, or porch is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action. A student residing alone in a double room cannot have College-owned furniture removed from his room simply to create more space. Any College property or furniture removed from a room or lounge and subsequently lost or damaged will be the responsibility of those students living in the room or the area. Repair/replacement costs and/or fines will be assessed.

The use of musical instruments or the loud playing of radios, TV’s, or any type of audio equipment, which might disturb others, is prohibited. The use of headphones is encouraged and may be required.

Students are responsible for any fire damage they may cause. Special attention should be given to the rules prohibiting the misuse of fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and other emergency equipment. Violation of these regulations will result in immediate eviction from the residence hall and serious disciplinary action. Evacuation plans must remain displayed, and should not be removed for any reason. Fines for such violations are outlined in The Key.

Students are responsible for any and all damage done by themselves or their guests, including, but not restricted to, the breakage of glass, water damage, and destruction of, or damage to, furniture, walls, ceilings, doors, and plumbing or electrical apparatus. No writing, drawing, or painting on walls, doors, or ceilings is permitted nor should nails, screws, etc. be driven into walls, ceilings, or doors for any reason. Students causing damage to a residence hall will be billed for the cost of repairs plus labor. There is a minimum labor charge per hour with a minimum time of 30 minutes. In the event of damage of undetermined origin in or around the residence hall, there will be implemented the policy by which costs for all repairs or replacements are assessed equally to all persons living in the residence hall or in a particular section per person (normal minimum charge $5.00). Costs for repairs/replacements are billed to the student each time. In addition, where warranted, disciplinary action is taken.

Cooking in the residence halls or on fire escapes or windowsills is not permitted.  Because of the danger of fire, no unauthorized electrical equipment or candles will be permitted; no changes in the wiring shall be made except by the College electrician, nor should outlets be overloaded.  Small refrigerator units (no larger than 4.3 cubic feet) and microwaves (no larger than 1000 watts) are allowed-one to a room.  Coffee pots, coffee makers, popcorn poppers with thermostatic controls, and blenders are permitted. Hot plates or refrigerators other than the small type mentioned previously are not allowed.  In all cases any appliance must be in good condition and have adequate wiring. ONLY surge protectors with built-in 15 amp breakers are allowed.  Extension cords, cube adapters or multi prong cords are not permitted. 

Each student must have a key to his room. If the key is not turned in to the Buildings and Grounds office AT THE TIME a student leaves college each year, changes rooms, or leaves during or at the end of the semester, a fee will be charged. The key is college property and still must be returned.

All College-owned housing facilities are closed during holidays, including the summer. No student should enter a College-owned housing facility during the holidays, including the summer, without the prior approval of the Office of Student Affairs.

LOFTS not issued by the college, or waterbeds are prohibited in all College-owned facilities for reasons of safety.

NO STORAGE of personal items and furniture in fraternity houses is permitted. Any personal effects or non-College furniture left in any College-owned facility rooms will be considered abandoned property and will be disposed of.

Married or unmarried students not living in College-owned housing facilities are expected to conduct themselves so that their behavior will not reflect in an adverse way upon the College. All obligations to the landlord, including financial, as well as, landlord rules and regulations, should be met fully. Any student married during the year should notify the Office of Student Affairs so that records may be updated.

No student is allowed to make a housing change without the prior approval of the Office of Student Affairs. There is no charge for an approved room change. However, a fine of $300.00 is assessed if a housing change is made without the prior approval of the Office of Student Affairs, and the move may not be approved. A student is responsible for the room to which he is assigned until an approved move is made. NOTE: Only under special circumstances will freshmen be allowed to make a room change before November 1.

Each student living in a College-owned facility is required to have his Resident Advisor or House Manager inspect the room before he changes rooms or leaves during or at the end of the semester. Failure to do so will result in the imposition of a $50.00 fine, at a minimum. .

The President in office in the Fall of the year must live in the house for the academic year. Each fraternity must have an appointed House Manager who will reside in the house during the full academic year.  Boarding in fraternity houses is not permitted.  Disciplinary action is taken against violators.

NO PETS (other than fish) are allowed in College owned facilities.