Housing Selection Guidelines

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Selection Criteria

Hampden-Sydney's Housing Selection Process honors both seniority (credit hours earned) and scholarship (cumulative GPA). Seniority is determined by the total number of earned credit hours a student has accumulated at the end of the fall semester immediately preceeding housing selection.  The standards for earned credit hours are outlined in the Academic Catalogue.    

≤ 40 earned credit hours = Rising sophomore
41-72 earned credit hours = Rising junior
≥ 73 earned credit hours = Rising senior

Once sorted by seniority, students are assigned housing selection time by cumulative GPA (in descending order).  Please note that ALL housing is contingent on a student registering for Fall courses during his registration period.

Special Housing Circumstances

Transfer students: Transfer students who entered in the spring semester, select rooms at the all men's average (2.80) with their hours bracket.

Study Abroad: Students studying abroad will receive College information via their H-SC e-mail account.  Please look for an e-mail in early January concerning the open dates to sign an online housing agreement in mid-January.  You must do so to insure you are in the selection data for housing in February and March.   

Fall abroad programs: If you have definite plans to study abroad in the Fall and are working with the Office of International Studies you will not need to sign up for housing. Remember it is your responsibility to contact the Office of Student Affairs before December 10th to discuss your housing options when you return in January (434-223-6317). 

Spring or Full Year abroad programs: Students who plan to study abroad for the Spring Semester should compete for Fall housing online or e-mail shuskey@hsc.edu if you need assistance by February 1. If you study abroad for the entire academic year you should compete for online housing during the second semester or contact the Office of Student Affairs to discuss your options by February 1. 

Unsure? If a student is unsure of his study abroad commitment he should compete for housing and assume he will be on campus for the remainder of the year. Remember, once your selection time passes your options will diminish quickly so make your selection early. The student should contact our office as soon as he confirms his plans. Room assignments cannot be held for a student who will not be in attendance.  

Proxy for online students: If you are unable to make your housing selection during your time slot due to legitimate College scheduling reasons (away athletic or academic competitions or excursions ONLY) please contact the Office of Student Affairs (shuskey@hsc.edu) within 24 hours of your time slot. 

Squatting: Eligible students wishing to squat their rooms must submit their intention to do so in late January (and no later than February 1) by completing a Request to Retain Current Room form available in Blake A. Students with 41 or more earned hours whose cumulative grade point average meet or exceed the current all-men's average (2.80) will be permitted to squat their room if it is eligible. (Specialty Housing, DKSNH and Coxe Hall rooms are not eligible.) If the room being squatted is a double room and both current residents wish to squat the room and pull different roommates, the resident with the highest cumulative grade point average will have first pick of the room, provided they each are in the same hours bracket. "Squatting" a room applies only to the room a student currently lives in.  For example, one who now lives in HH1 cannot "squat" HH6. If you were awarded off campus this year, you still need to compete for online selection for next year. No "squatting" is allowed from year to year for those living in any of the awarded College owned apartments or traditional off campus housing.

Specialty Housing:

VIEW  There are 219 five (5) minute time slots spread over a three night time period in which rising seniors and a few top rising juniors have the option to select two types of specialty housing before anyone below them can select.   If housing is left after the third night of selections ALL students may compete for it on a first come basis at 11:05p.m. Any student participating must have signed a housing agreement in January. 

  • Off campus - Eligible students may compete for one of the 32 Traditional Off-Campus slots (plus 32 waitlist slots if these are taken). Students should not sign a lease unless they have secured one of the 32 off campus slots. Being on the WAITLIST in no way guarantees a student will be granted permission to live off campus and he should select housing during Regular Housing Selections that take place later in March after spring break.
  • College-owned Apartments - Group Registration - The student, in a group of the maximum bedrooms in a College-owned apartment, with the highest earned credits and GPA registers all room/roommates following selection instructions.  Room selections are final and cannot be changed without prior approval from the Office of Student Affairs. The College will ensure each apartment is fully occupied both semesters. Occupants will be given a reasonable amount of time to fill an unexpected vacancy before the College places a student in the apartment. The fine for unapproved room changes is $300.
  • Selected roommates have from the time they receive an e-mail telling them they have been selected until NOON the next day to accept their assignment and select a meal plan.  Any assignment not accepted by NOON will be voided for the entire group and the apartment will be returned to the selection pool.

Students who receive one of the 219 time slots are not required to select during this time if they wish to wait for regular residence hall room selections. 

Regular Housing:

VIEW  Students who signed an online housing agreement in January and are still unhoused following Specialty Housing selections will select available online housing during the Regular Housing selections according the following time bracket:


Room Selections are conducted online according to the brackets below (GPA tables subject to change)

Bracket Times
Each Night
73 Hours* 41-72 hrs*    41-72 hrs*    0-40 hrs* 0-40 hrs*  
MON 3/21 WED 3/23 THURS 3/24 FRI 3/25 MON 3/28
6:00 - 6:15 PM 4.0 - 3.200 4.0 - 3.580 2.499 - 2.330 4.0 - 3.600 2.629 - 2.510
6:15 - 6:30 PM 3.199 - 2.800 3.579 - 3.400 2.329 - 2.200 3.599 - 3.400 2.509 - 2.410
6:30 - 6:45 PM 2.799 - 2.450 3.399 - 3.250 2.199 - 2.100 3.399 - 3.280 2.409 - 2.300
6:45 - 7:00 PM 2.449 - 2.300 3.249 - 3.100 2.099 - 2.000 3.279 - 3.200 2.299 - 2.200
7:00 - 7:15 PM 2.299 - 1.790 3.099 - 3.000 1.999 - 1.000 3.199 - 3.100 2.199 - 2.050
7:15 - 7:30 PM 2.999 - 2.850 3.099 - 3.010 2.049 - 1.900
7:30 - 7:45 PM 2.849 - 2.760 3.009 - 2.900 1.899 - 1.700
7:45 - 8:00 PM 2.759 - 2.620 2.899 - 2.820 1.699 - 1.600
8:00 - 8:15 PM 2.619 - 2.500 2.819 - 2.750 1.599 - 1.340
8:15 - 8:30 PM 2.749 - 2.700 1.339 - 0.000
8:30 - 8:45 PM  2.699 - 2.630

TBA: Students who remain unhoused when all online housing is filled will automatically be put on a TBA (to be assigned) housing list and will receive an e-mail explaining their housing options.