Housing Selection Guidelines


Course Registration Required:
All students must register for the upcoming Fall courses during their registration period in April to secure any H-SC housing.  ONLINE HOUSING AGREEMENT STIPULATION:   Assignments and housing agreements are contingent on a student registering for Fall courses during their registration period. Failure to do so will result in the agreement becoming VOID and forfeiture of the housing assignment for the entire group or an individual's off-campus award.

Selection Criteria
Selection criteria is based on the earned credit hour standards set forth in the academic catalogue at the end of the previous fall semester before housing selections are made.

Semester                            3                              5            

Hours                                 41                           73                          

Rising Sophomore = 40 earned hours or below

Rising Junior           = 41-72 earned hours

Rising Senior          = 73 earned hours and above

Transfer students, who entered in the spring semester, select rooms at the all men's average (2.80) with their hours bracket.

Late Housing Registration Fee
A fee of $100.00 will be assessed to students who fail to register for housing and sign a housing agreement online.  Students who are unsure or know they will not be returning in the Fall should contact our office by April 20 to avoid being charged the late fee.

Special exemption: Policy Exemption Request forms for special exemption to the housing policy will only be considered if properly submitted by the Office Assignment Housing request deadline in February.

Fraternity House Rosters:
Fraternity members are not eligible for any specialty housing or regular housing until all beds in the respective fraternity houses are filled for the upcoming school year.  IFC Fraternity presidents must reside in their respective houses during the Fall semester.  They must compete for and secure one of the 32 Traditional off campus slots if they want to live off campus during the Spring semester of the upcoming academic year.  Contact the Office of Student Affairs NOW if you have questions regarding fraternity housing policies.  

Office Assignment Housing Registration:
Office assignment housing includes many categories as follows:  Commuting Students (special form required) married students, 5th year seniors (supporting transcript required), students awarded permission to live in Theme Housing for a second year, Resident Advisors and roommates if applicable, Chairman of the Student Court and Student Body President and roommates, students selected to live in Language/Honors housing, students wishing to "squat" their current room or request special exemption (forms required in February) to the housing policy.

Eligible students wishing to squat their rooms must submit their intention to do so during Office Assignment Housing registration.  Students with 41 or more earned hours whose cumulative grade point average meets or exceed the current all-men's average (2.80) will be permitted to squat their room if it is eligible. (Specialty Housing, DKSNH and Coxe Hall rooms are not eligible.)  If the room being squatted is a double room and both current residents wish to squat the room and pull different roommates, the resident with the highest cumulative grade point average will have first pick of the room, provided they each are in the same hours bracket.  "Squatting" a room applies only to the room a student currently lives in.  For example, one who now lives in HH1 cannot "squat" HH6. If you were awarded off campus this year, you still need to compete for online selection for next year.  No "squatting" is allowed from year to year for those living in any of the awarded College owned apartments or traditional off campus housing.

Married Students:
Married students who live with their spouses and seek on-campus housing must make arrangements for housing through the Office of Student Affairs during this registration period.  Generally, married students live in the Blake Apartments, when available, or off campus.

Sophomore and Junior Apartment and Theme Housing:  (Paper Applications) Awarded students sign agreements online.

Sophomore Housing: 
Groups of four rising sophomore students may apply for housing in five of the Dickinson Hall apartments.  These apartments are awarded to applying groups of rising SOPHOMORES with the highest aggregate cumulative grade point average as well as a minimum of fifteen hours earned at the end of the Fall semester prior to selections.  Process sheets and applications will be available online during this selection process.

Junior Housing: 
Groups of four rising Junior students may apply for housing in five of the COXE HALL (formerly F Dorm) apartments.  These apartments are awarded to applying groups of rising JUNIORS with the highest aggregate cumulative grade point average as well as a minimum of forty-five (45) hours earned at the end of the Fall semester prior to selections.  Process sheets and applications will be available online during this selection process.

Theme Housing: 
Several dwellings on campus are designated each year as theme houses.  Student groups who develop and identify a unifying theme may apply by presenting a student written proposal to the Office of Student Affairs.  Decisions are based upon the strength of the proposal and the proven record of citizenship.  Preference will be given to groups that have formal student senate recognition as a club or organization.  Cover sheets and selection process sheets will be available online during this selection process.

Study Abroad:
Students who studied abroad during the Fall semester of the current academic year:  If you have not received credit for hours earned during that period you should contact the Office of Student Affairs before your selection time if those hours will change your selection status from rising Junior to rising Senior. 

Students studying abroad second semester:  
Students currently studying abroad second semester who have limited or no internet access should e-mail the Office of Student Affairs (shuskey@hsc.edu) by February 10 stating his intention of returning to the College in the fall and provide three housing preferences.  Housing in a specific residence hall is not guaranteed.  Students studying abroad will receive College information via their H-SC e-mail address concerning Online room selections for the Fall which will take place in February - April.  Please contact the Office of Student Affairs in  advance, if you have any questions about the selection process.

Specialty Housing Notification:
E-mails will be sent to qualified students informing them of their selection time slot.  Selections take place over a three night Specialty selection time and are broken into five-minute time slots.  Included in Specialty housing are Traditional Off Campus (32 slots) and College-owned apartments. Selection times are based on individual earned credits and GPA at the end of the previous fall semester.

Regular Room Choosing:
Selections for the upcoming Fall take place in mid-March.  To secure housing students must complete Fall course registration.  Regular housing options are for our single and double bedrooms available in our on campus residence halls. These housing selections are made during an online process according to a student's cumulative hours and gpa earned through the end of the Fall semester prior to selections. All students, even if you are not sure you will be returning in the Fall, (whether you plan to study abroad, transfer or are having academic problems) should participate in these selections. Selection dates and hours brackets are e-mailed to students in early March.

Special note - TBA (to be assigned housing) Anyone choosing a double room during the online process must have a roommate at the time of your room selection. You cannot secure a double room without a roommate. Any student who is left without housing to choose from, or does not have a roommate to secure a double room, must select the TBA (to be assigned) option online which will enable him to sign a TBA housing agreement and select a meal plan. Each student must sign his own TBA agreement.  Another student cannot sign for you.  Any student who fails to sign up for housing or contact the Office of Student Affairs (x:6317) concerning Fall housing, may be billed a $100.00 late registration fee.

To see current room availability view our layouts on our Residence Life webpage.  Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are sure you are not returning in the Fall. (434-223-6317)    

Revised 2-3-2014