Housing Selection Guidelines

New in 2017 - All Specialty and Regular Housing applications will be a paper process.  Please refer to the Housing Selection Calendar for dates and times of each process.

Selection Criteria

Hampden-Sydney's Housing Selection Process honors both seniority (credit hours earned) and scholarship (cumulative GPA). Seniority is determined by the total number of earned credit hours a student has accumulated at the end of the fall semester immediately preceding housing selection.  The standards for earned credit hours are outlined in the Academic Catalogue.    

≤ 40 earned credit hours = Rising sophomore
41-72 earned credit hours = Rising junior
≥ 73 earned credit hours = Rising senior

Once sorted by seniority, students are assigned housing selection time by cumulative GPA (in descending order).  Please note that ALL housing is contingent on a student registering for Fall courses during his registration period.

Squatting: Eligible students wishing to squat their rooms must submit their intention to do so in late January (and no later than February 1) by completing a Request to Retain Current Room form available in Blake A. Students with 41 or more earned hours whose cumulative grade point average meet or exceed the current all-men's average (2.84) will be permitted to squat their room if it is eligible. (Specialty Housing, DKSNH and Coxe Hall rooms are not eligible.) If the room being squatted is a double room and both current residents wish to squat the room and pull different roommates, the resident with the highest cumulative grade point average will have first pick of the room, provided they each are in the same hours bracket. "Squatting" a room applies only to the room a student currently lives in.  For example, one who now lives in HH1 cannot "squat" HH6. If you were awarded off campus this year, you still need to compete for online selection for next year. No "squatting" is allowed from year to year for those living in any of the awarded College owned apartments or traditional off campus housing.

Regular Housing:

VIEW  Students who are still unhoused following Specialty Housing selections will apply for available housing during the Regular Housing selections according the following dates  bracket.  Applications will be due in the Office of Student Affairs by 2PM.

Room Selection paper applications are awarded according to the brackets below (GPA tables subject to change)

73 Hours* 41-72 Hours* 41-72 Hours* 41-72 Hours*    0-40 Hours*    0-40 Hours* 0-40 Hours*   0-40 Hours*
GPA 4.000-1.400 GPA 4.000-3.000 GPA 2.999-2.410 GPA 2.409-1.400 GPA 4.000-3.150 GPA 3.149-2.800 GPA 2.799-2.400 GPA 2.399-0.00
MON 3/27 TUE 3/28 WED 3/29 THUR 3/30 FRI 3/31 MON 4/3
 TUES 4/4 WED 4/5

TBA: Students who remain unhoused when all housing is filled will automatically be put on a TBA (to be assigned) housing list and will receive an e-mail explaining their housing options.