Junior Apartment in Coxe Hall (formerly F Dorm) Selection Process

COXE HALL (formerly F Dorm) apartments will be occupied by members of the Junior class according to the selection process outlined herein. Permission to live in these apartments is for the Fall and Spring semesters of the upcoming academic year only. No “squatting” will be allowed.

Each hall will consist of six four-man apartments consisting of two double occupancy rooms, two full bathrooms, and a living room/kitchenette. Five of these apartments will be offered to rising juniors in Coxe Hall. (A Resident Advisor and two students of his choosing will occupy the sixth apartment.)

A. Students apply and compete for an apartment as groups. All four students within a group must apply on one application.

B. Apartments will be awarded to the five groups of students who have applied with the highest aggregate cumulative earned grade point average as well as a minimum of forty-five (45) hours earned at the end of the previous Fall semester by each member of a group at the time of application. Apartments are assigned accordingly by the Dean.

C. The College will ensure each apartment is fully occupied both semesters. Occupants will be given a reasonable amount of time to fill an unexpected vacancy before the College places a student in the apartment.

D. Disruptive behavior on the part of a group or of any individual in the group, or of any guest of the group could result in the eviction of the group from the apartment.

E. All structures of the H-SC Housing Policy apply to those dwelling in these apartments.

F. Late applications will be considered only after all on-time applications have been considered.

G. Failure to complete and sign a Housing agreement online during the date specified in the Housing Selection Calendar will void the apartment status for the entire group and the apartment will be awarded to the next group on the waiting list. Students will select a MEAL PLAN when they sign their online housing agreement. Students must register for upcoming Fall courses during their registration period to secure housing.

Process Dates and Times can be found in our Housing Selection Calendar.

Room Rates: The yearly estimated room rent and technology fee for College-owned apartments will be higher than the residence hall rates. Estimated figures are listed on the Housing Selection Calendar when available.

Actual figures are listed online when they are available during the summer at http://www.hsc.edu/Financial-Aid/Tuition-and-Fees.html

Coxe Hall (formerly F Dorm) Junior Housing Application                

Coxe Hall  Rooms View

Awarded students login instructions to accept their awards and sign housing agreements.