Non-traditional housing guidelines

Special exemption: Policy Exemption Request forms for special exemption to the housing policy will only be considered if properly submitted by the Office Assignment Housing request deadline in February.

Fraternity House Rosters:
Fraternity members are not eligible for any specialty housing or regular housing until all beds in the respective fraternity houses are filled for the upcoming school year.  IFC Fraternity presidents must reside in their respective houses during the Fall semester.  They must compete for and secure one of the 32 Traditional off campus slots if they want to live off campus during the Spring semester of the upcoming academic year.  Contact the Office of Student Affairs NOW if you have questions regarding fraternity housing policies.  

Office Assignment Housing Registration:
Office assignment housing includes many categories as follows:  Commuting students, (special request form required) married students, 5th year seniors (supporting transcript required), students awarded permission to live in Theme Housing for a second year, Resident Advisors and roommates if applicable, Chairman of the Student Court and Student Body President and roommates, students selected to live in Language/Honors housing, students wishing to "squat" their current room or request special exemption (forms required in February) to the housing policy.

Eligible students wishing to squat their rooms must submit their intention to do so during Office Assignment Housing registration.  Students with 41 or more earned hours whose cumulative grade point average meets or exceed the current all-men's average (2.80) will be permitted to squat their room if it is eligible. (Specialty Housing, DKSNH and Coxe Hall rooms are not eligible.)  If the room being squatted is a double room and both current residents wish to squat the room and pull different roommates, the resident with the highest cumulative grade point average will have first pick of the room, provided they each are in the same hours bracket.  "Squatting" a room applies only to the room a student currently lives in.  For example, one who now lives in HH1 cannot "squat" HH6. If you were awarded off campus this year, you still need to compete for online selection for next year.  No "squatting" is allowed from year to year for those living in any of the awarded College owned apartments or traditional off campus housing.

Married Students:
Married students who live with their spouses and seek on-campus housing must make arrangements for housing through the Office of Student Affairs during this registration period.  Generally, married students live in the Blake Apartments, when available, or off campus.