Regular Room Choosing

Selections for the upcoming Fall take place in mid-March after students return from Spring Break.  To secure housing students must complete Fall course registration.
All students, even if you are not sure you will be returning in the Fall, (whether you plan to study abroad, transfer or are having academic problems) should participate in these selections. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are sure you are not returning in the Fall.

Options:Regular housing options are for our single and double bedrooms available in our on campus residence halls and, if needed, our online TBA* (to be assigned) waiting list is established. To see current room availability click on layouts below.

Selection stipulations:
These housing selections are made during an online process according to a students cumulative hours and gpa earned through the end of the Fall semester prior to selections.

Selection Criteria
Selection criteria is based on the earned credit hour standards set forth in the academic catalogue at the end of the previous fall semester before housing selections are made.

Semester                            3                              5            

Hours                                 41                           73                          

Rising Sophomore = 40 earned hours or below

Rising Junior           = 41-72 earned hours

Rising Senior          = 73 earned hours and above

*Special note - TBA (to be assigned housing)
Anyone choosing a double room during the online process must have a roommate at the time of your room selection. You cannot secure a double room without a roommate. Any student who is left without housing to choose from, or does not have a roommate to secure a double room, must select the TBA (to be assigned) option online which will enable him to sign a TBA housing agreement and select a meal plan. Each student must sign an online agreement.  Any student who fails to sign up for housing or contact the Office of Student Affairs (x:6317) concerning Fall housing, may be billed a $100.00 late registration fee.

Regular Housing Layouts: