Specialty Housing Guidelines

Traditional Off Campus (32 slots) or College-owned Apartment and Cottage Selection Guidelines

Selection criteria: Selection times are based on individual earned credits and GPA at the end of the previous fall semester.

Selection Time Notification - E-mails are sent to the students included in the 219 five (5) minute time slots spread over a three night time period. Rising seniors and a few top rising juniors have the option to select specialty housing before anyone below them can select.  Eligible students may compete for one of the individual 32 Traditional Off-Campus slots (plus 10 waitlist slots if these are taken).  College-owned Apartments and Cottages are also available for selection by groups of students at a higher room rental rate.  If specialty online housing is left after the third night of selections ALL students may compete for it on a first come basis at 11:05p.m.  Students who receive one of the 219 time slots are not required to select during this time if they wish to wait for regular residence hall room selections.

Off campus waitlist:  When the 32 off campus slots are filled students may register online for the 10 off campus WAIT LIST slots.  The list will be sorted according to the same selection criteria and the top student on the wait list will be notified if necessary.  Being on the WAITLIST in no way guarantees a student will be granted permission to live off campus and he should select housing during Regular Housing Selections that take later in March after spring break.

Landlord leases:  Housing Regulations in The Key state: leases or rental agreements should not be signed until the Online Selection Process is complete.

College-owned Apartments - Group Registration - The student, in a group of the maximum bedrooms in a College-owned apartment, with the highest earned credits and GPA registers all roommates following selection instructions.  Room and roommate pairing must be decided before room selection begins. Room selections are final and cannot be changed without prior approval from the Office of Student Affairs. The College will ensure each apartment is fully occupied both semesters. Occupants will be given a reasonable amount of time to fill an unexpected vacancy before the College places a student in the apartment. The fine for unapproved room changes is $300.

Selected roommates have from the time they receive an e-mail telling them they have been selected until NOON the next day to accept their assignment, housing assignment terms and meal plans following the login instructions in Section 2.  Any assignment not accepted by NOON will be voided for the entire group and the apartment will be returned to the selection pool.

College-owned Apartment waitlist: When all available apartments have been filled, one waiting list will be established for apartments.  Interested student groups register for the apartment waitlist by the same process.  Student groups on the waitlist will be notified if an apartment becomes available based on the individual with the highest earned credits and GPA within a group.  The wait list does not gurantee students will get housing in an apartment.  Students on a waitlist should select housing during regular room choosing.   

Meal Plan: Students select a MEAL PLAN while logged on to accept the housing agreement terms.  Questions concerning the meal plan should be directed to Ms. Marianne Congleton in the business office x:6223.  Students who do not select a meal plan will automatically be billed for the Unlimited plan. From June 1 until school starts in August a student may change his meal plan (within his eligibilty) through TigerWeb under Useful Links on the Student portal.

Agreement stipulation:  All assignments and housing agreements are contingent on a student registering for the upcoming Fall courses during their registration period.  Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the housing or off-campus award for all parties involved.

Room Rates: The yearly estimated room rent for College-owned apartments and cottages will be higher than the residence hall rates. Those figures are listed on the Housing Selection Calendar.

Actual figures are listed online when they are available during the summer at  http://www.hsc.edu/Financial-Aid/Tuition-and-Fees.html.