Theme Housing Selection Process

Each academic year several College-owned houses are designated as Theme houses. Hampden-Sydney College student groups may apply to occupy one of these houses for a period of two academic years based upon the criteria listed below.

Selection Criteria

Each group interested in securing a theme house must submit a cover sheet, a housing room and roommate assignment roster with ID# and full student name.  (Please note that this roster will be used to make housing assignments IF awarded and cannot be changed after it is submitted to our office.)  Also required is a student written proposal to the Office of Student Affairs in Blake A anytime before and no later than the date designated in the Housing Selection Calendar.  A committee of the deans of students and one member of the student senate housing committee will determine which group among those making application will occupy a house for a period of two years starting with the upcoming Fall semester. The decision will be based upon the strength of the proposal and a proven record of citizenship.  Preference will be given to groups that have formal student senate recognition as a club or organization. Please be aware that students must have an earned Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above to be eligible to live in a theme house.

The proposal:

  1. The group must identify the ID, name and roster of room assignments of the students who will live in the house. Receipt of a theme house implies a commitment for both the group and each individual listed on the application to the College to occupy and maintain full occupancy of the house for the duration of occupancy.
  2. The group must develop and identify a unifying theme or purpose for the house such as community service, language, environmental, etc. and be listed in the College database as an active member of the applying club or organization.
  3. The group must identify, develop, and execute at least one specific program or project each semester that involves the H-SC community in a positive way. These projects must be pre-approved by the Office of Student Affairs.
  4. The group must submit a formal student written summary report at the conclusion of each semester outlining the activities and accomplishments for the reporting period.
  5. The group must have an active advisor from the H-SC faculty or staff.
  6. The group must identify a house manager who will serve as the liaison between the College and the group with regard to facility management issues.
  7. Theme Housing Cover Page (Due to new process requirements, Cover Page and Building Rosters are available in Blake A ONLY)
  8. Late applications will be considered only after all on-time applications have been considered.

 Awarded students will receive an e-mail requesting their confirmation of awarded housing. Failure by a student listed on the awarded roster to accept the Theme House award required in their assignment e-mail will void the housing status for the entire group and the house will be awarded to the next group on the waiting list.

No summer storage of personal property is permitted in any theme house.

The College reserves the right to revoke the group's occupancy at any time due to inappropriate behavior or failure to satisfy the obligations outlined in this material.    

Theme Houses available for 2017-18 and 2018-19:

  • Jones House:  Capacity = 4 (1 dbl/2 single bedrooms)
  • Music House: Capacity = 9 (4 dbl/1 single bedrooms)
  • Beta House: Capacity = 13 (6 dbl/1 single bedrooms)

Theme Housing Cover Page with building rosters are available in Blake A ONLY during the selection process time limit.