New Student FAQ

When will I receive information about housing at H-SC?

A post card containing new student housing information and a Housing Questionnaire link will be mailed to deposited new students from the Office of Student Affairs in mid-May. Students should complete the questionnaire the day they receive their post card as assignments are made on a first-come first-served basis.   New in 2014:  New students (including transfer students) will be asked to carefully read and agree to the H-SC housing terms when completing the Housing Questionnaire. Students who complete the questionnaire will be housed in June.  New students may view their room assignment and roommate information online through the TigerWeb Student Life portal after July 1.  Personal TigeWeb ID and Pin numbers are mailed to new students in their Academic Advising packet along with their College e-mail account information.  It is important to activate your H-SC e-mail account in order to communicate with your assigned roommate. 

Who should I contact if I have questions about my housing? 

If you cannot find answers to your questions on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When will I receive my Student ID, TigerWeb ID and Pin#, and H-SC school e-mail account?

The Office of Academic Success will mail this information to you in mid-June with your Academic advising and course information packet.  You may want to put this information near your home computer for quick reference.  You should activate your e-mail account and begin using it as soon as you receive it. 

Which residence halls are new students assigned to?

Freshman will live in Cushing, Carpenter X or Y, or the Whitehouse complex. Transfer students in the past have been housed together on the Carpenter Z 2nd floor residence hall. You may review our New Student Residence Hall floor plans and room dimensions on our website  The Whitehouse Complex North, South and West Colonnade (NC,SC,WC) rooms consist of suites with a shared bathroom. Whitehouse Complex Houses consisting of East, North, South and West House (EH,NH,SH,WH), Cushing (CU), and Carpenter(CARPX, CARPY) buildings have common bathrooms on the hall.

What type rooms are available at Hampden-Sydney?

College housing consists of either double (R2) or single (R1) bedrooms for new students in residence halls.   Upper classmen may also select from our double (A2) and single (A1) apartment bedroom groups if available during their Fall selection time bracket during Upperclass Housing Selections held in the Spring semester.  All students in double rooms should be aware that the College reserves the right to place another student in the room should a vacancy become available in a double room.  Students may not secure a double room by themselves without a roommate during selections or throughout the semester.  Students are encouraged to fill the vacancy in their rooms with a roommate of their choosing by contacting the Office of Student Affairs to avoid having a random roommate assigned.

What is in my room?

Your room will be furnished with a bed, desk and desk chair, dresser, and wardrobe/closet. No college furniture may be removed from your room at any time. The beds are extra long, twin-size (36"x80").  All rooms to which freshman will be assigned have tile floors and are air-conditioned. All rooms are furnished with venetian blinds. Students may request a phone be placed in their room if they do not have a cell phone. Your room is equipped with basic television cable service, and you may add premium channels if you wish, at additional cost, once you arrive. All rooms are connected to the College's computing services. If you have any questions concerning computers, telephones, or television service, please contact the Computer Center Help Desk at 434-223-6373 or the Computing Center web site. 

What should I bring?  (What should I leave at home? -- See detailed check list.)

Detailed check list   You may bring a refrigerator (no larger than 4.3 cubic feet) and a microwave oven (no larger than 1000 watts). Both the refrigerator and microwave must be UL listed. Only one refrigerator and microwave per room is permitted. The College does not rent refrigerators or microwave ovens.  You will need to bring your own bed sheets and mattress cover (extra long, twin-size (36"x80"), towels and pillow(s). You should also plan to bring a study lamp.  Halogen lamps are not permitted.  Former students suggest you may wish to bring a small set of tools: flat and phillips head screwdrivers, adjustable crescent wrench, hammer, pliers, etc.  Your posters and pictures may be hung by tape, but no holes may be made in walls or ceilings.

What if I want to live off campus?
Only students who qualify as rising Seniors are eligible to compete for an off campus arrangement. Hampden-Sydney College is a residential college and as such the opportunity to live outside of College-owned housing is limited to 32 students. There is also a waiting list which is established and is based on the same selection criteria.  Students on the waitlist are not guaranteed an off campus slot.
Students who wish to live off campus should not sign a lease until after competing for and earning one of the off campus positions. Students will not be permitted to live outside of College housing based on previous lease agreements or prior year awards.

How will my professors and other College officials be in contact with me?

The College employs your H-SC e-mail account and your H-SC post office box to communicate critical College information about which you should know and for which you are held responsible. You are encouraged to develop the habit of checking each at least daily. It is important to activate your H-SC e-mail account as soon as possible.            

Where may I cash checks or do laundry?

The Business Office will cash checks for you. (Limited to $300.00) Washers and dryers are located in the basements of Carpenter Z, Venable, East House and West House.

What type cleaning service is available for my room?

Our College custodians will empty trash cans in common areas and clean the bathrooms on the halls and in Colonnade suites but students are responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms.

Should I buy carpet for my room?

We suggest you wait until you arrive on campus and get a general view of your room before purchasing an area rug for your room.

Where will I send and receive mail and packages?

Our Post Office assigns each new student a post office box. If you wish to have boxes or packages shipped to you by USPS, (FedEx and UPS deliver and pick-up at our post office), please address each package to:
Your Name
Hampden-Sydney College
Your Box Number, Graham Hall
80 Graham Circle Drive
Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943

What do I have to do if I have a vehicle or bicycle on campus?

You may register your vehicle or bicycle online before you arrive on campus, but you will still have to pick up your decal when you arrive on campus.  You may go directly to the Campus Police office or stop by their station during New Student matriculation in Crawley Forum.  AVOID FINES - All vehicles and bicycles must be registered with Campus Security within 48 hours of being brought on campus.

May I keep a pet in my room?

No pets may be kept on campus by students living in residence halls, fraternity houses, or College-owned housing. No pets are allowed in other College buildings, and no pets belonging to students who live off-campus may be brought onto the campus unless they are on a leash. No warm-blooded, feathered, or poisonous animals, or snakes, caged or uncaged, are allowed in the residence halls, college-owned cottages, or fraternity houses. They are also prohibited from visiting. Animals are both a health hazard and a nuisance for the hall community.

Where can I get a new Student Health Form if I lose the one that was mailed to me? 

You can print out a new form online by going to the Student Health Services website.  The Wellness Center staff will be able to assist you with any of your health issues or concerns when you arrive on campus.

What is the College policy for married students? 

Married students who live with their spouses and seek on-campus housing must make arrangements for housing through the Associate Dean of Students.  This should be done in February for current students and a request indicated on the May Housing Questionnaire for new incoming students.  Generally, married students live in the Blake Apartments, when available, or off campus.