2017-18 Resident Advisor Selection Calendar



Jan. 20 (4:30 -Fri)             Head Resident Advisor Applications Due in Blake A by 4:30                                        

Jan. 24, 25 (Tues, Wed)   Head Resident Advisor Interviews

Jan. 24 (Tues)                  Resident Advisor Information Meeting - 11:30am – Chairman’s Room, Settle Hall**

Jan. 27   (Fri - NOON)       Resident Advisor Rehire letters due via e-mail to shuskey@hsc.edu              

Feb. 2 (Thurs)                Resident Advisor Online Application Forms due between Jan. 24 and Thurs., Feb 2 by 4:30PM                                                                                      (Please schedule an interview time-in Blake A)    

Feb. 4 (Sat)                      RA Round 1 Interviews in Bortz Library                                 

Feb. 7 (Tues)                    RA Round 1 decision letters in campus mail                        

Feb. 7-9(Tues-Thurs)        RA Round 2 applicants sign up for interviews by 4:30pm Thursday

Feb. 11 (Sat)                     RA Round 2 Interviews in Bortz Library                                 

Feb.  13-14 (Mon-Tues)    RA Round 2 decisions out-job offers made and acceptance due in writing to Blake A by 4:30PM Feb. 14                                                                                                                                                          

               Visit our website-www.hsc.edu/Student-Life/Residence-Life.html

               *Dates are tentative and students will be notified if changes occur.

               **Settle Hall (upstairs on the left as you enter the dining hall)