Memo to Students Involved or Interested in a Room Change

Avoiding Fines by following Room Change and Online Room Check-in and Check-out Procedures

FROM: John Ramsay, Director of Residence Life

The following information explains Hampden-Sydney College's procedures for a room change and/or room check-in and check-out. A student must complete the room change process within 48 hours from the time of approval from the Director or the approval will be invalid. Please note that only under special circumstances will freshmen be allowed to make a room change before November 1. (see Housing Regulations in The Key.)


1. Contact John Ramsay ( to make an appointment to meet with him regarding a room change. If the change involves other students, they should also arrange to meet with the Director to assure that a change is agreed to by all parties involved. (Unauthorized room changes at any time are subject to a minimum fine of $300.00, and the room change being denied.)

2. Check-Out - When a room change is granted by the Director, your Resident Advisor or House Manager will get a ROOM CHANGE NOTICE e-mail from Ms. Huskey in the Office of Student Affairs. You should contact your Resident Advisor or House Manager and have him conduct an inspection and ONLINE check out of your room. Should you be liable for any damages, they will be charged to your student account. When the check-out Room Furnishings and Condition Report is complete, you should sign it online. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your H-SC e-mail account.

3. Department Notification -

  • Room Change Approval -The Director will notify Mrs. Huskey, Student Life Data Coordinator of your approval to change rooms. She will make your change in the College database system and e-mail the information to the various departments throughout the campus who are involved with your room change.
  • Buildings and Grounds - Key issue and return procedureANY KEYS issued to you must be returned to Buildings and Grounds or you will be fined. NEVER TRADE  KEYS WITH ANYONE. B&G will be notified of your room change approval and will issue you a key to your new room.  You must return your old room key to them when your move is complete, or you will be fined for failure to return the key.  Please make sure this is done within 48 hours of your room change approval.
  • Check-in -ONLY when your check-out form is complete will the system update and enable you to check into the new room.  The Resident Advisor or House Manager will be notified that you are moving into his area. Please contact him before you move in, as he will need to complete an online check-in inspection report of your new room.  Remember-both procedures need to be done within 48 hours of approval.
  • Campus security - you should contact the campus security office with your license plate information to change your parking decal when you make a room change to a different area.
  • Business Office - Should a change involve your room and board fees, Ms. Marianne Congleton, Student Accounts Manager, will make the appropriate adjustments on your student account.  Questions pertaining to this should be directed to her (x: 6223).

ROOM CHECK-OUT - (Mid-Term or End of Semester Check-Out) If you decide to leave the College during or at the end of the semester, please notify the Office of Student Affairs. You should also contact your Resident Advisor or House Manager. He will complete an inspection of your room and have you sign your Online Room Furnishings and Condition Report.You will be billed should you be liable for any damages. Students who are asked to leave the College must vacate their room by the DEADLINE set in his administrative letter.

KEYS - Any keys issued to you are College property and must be returned to Buildings and Grounds or you will be fined. 

YEAR-END – check out procedures are more detailed than mid-term or end of semester check-out. Therefore, those procedures will be outlined in a memo that you will receive via your campus e-mail near the end of the second semester. You should carefully read and become familiar with them and the subsequent fines, should you fail to follow those procedures.