Spiritual Life Calendar of Events

Baptist Collegiate Ministries

Meets Thursdays, 5:00 PM,

BCM Center, Griffin Blvd, Farmville

Catholic Campus Ministries

Meets September 2nd, October 1st, November 5th, and Decemeber 3rd. (December 3rd's mass will be held @ Chairman's Room

Mass @ 5:30pm-6:15pm Location in the Parents and Friends Lounge


Meets Tuesdays, 8:00 PM

Meets Friday Morning from 6:30-7:30 in College Church Classroom 1.  It is lead by Ashby Neterer.

Longwood's Jeffers Auditorium on Longwood's Campus

Canterbury Club (Episcopal) Campus Ministry

Meets Sundays, 5:30 PM

Johns Memorial Episcopal Parish Hall, 400 High Street, Farmville

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Meetings TBD

Panhill Commons

Presbyterian Ministry

Sunday Worship Service 11am

College Presbyterian Church

Wesley Campus Ministry (United Methodist Ministry)

Meets Tuesdays, 5:00 PM

Wesley Student Center, 204 High Street, Farmville