H-SC and Farmville Area Worship

Whom do you worship? How do you worship? Where?
Church Identity
These are questions of fundamental importance. We cannot escape them. We are "hard-wired for worship" - as human beings we orient our lives towards Someone or Something. Even as we choose not to be part of a religious community, we make idols to give our allegiance to. We can think of the idols of self, nationalism, status, or wealth. Do you know someone who worships one of these?

Before coming to Hampden-Sydney College, you may or may not have been part of a religious community (such as a church, synagogue, mosque, or temple). I invite you to use your four years here at H-SC as a time to explore different faith traditions. Did you grow up Methodist? Visit the local Methodist church - but also explore other faith communities. You may find that you will confirm your identity as a Methodist, or you may discover that you are called to be something else. I would like to encourage you to discern for yourselves who you are.

The Chaplain's Office here at Hampden-Sydney College has put together information about religious communities in our area.

Click on the tabs to the left to find out more information about some of the many faith communities that are all within easy driving distance from campus. 

When thinking about becoming active in a new community you may have a lot questions. You may want to know when service times are so that you can work worship into your schedule. You may be interested in the various activities for students that are offered. Maybe you aren't sure what is expected of you at a service or what you should wear. You can find all of these answers and more in each profile.

If you have a question that is not answered by the profiles feel free to contact someone at those organizations by phone or e-mail. All the contact information can be found on each profile.

Finding and joining a new religious community can be a somewhat daunting process. We hope that we have made that undertaking somewhat easier through this website. If you have any suggestions please feel free to e-mail Chaplain David Keck: dkeck@hsc.edu.

Thank you and God bless!