Patricia Townsend

Patty TownsendAdministrative Secretary
Blake A, 1st Floor
(434) 223-6128

As an Army brat, I grew up in various places. I have lived in Baghdad, Iraq, several places in the Midwest, and Virginia, which I consider home. I attended college at Longwood College and Hampden-Sydney College. I completed my undergraduate and graduate education at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I served as a classroom teacher in several subjects, from grades 4 through 12. I have twenty years of teaching experience, culminating with four and one-half years as a high school mathematics teacher. Since 1987 I have served as organist at College Church. Since 1989 I have also served as College Church's choir director.

Hampden-Sydney College has played a major role not only in my husband's life, but in mine as well. I have been a faculty spouse for 30 years, but I have also been a student in the 1980's when I took math classes. Periodically, my choir has been blessed to have HSC students as members. For many years I worked with the Hampden-Sydney community in the HSVFD annual fund raiser, the Spring Fling.

Now, I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work in the Dean of Students Office as Administrative Secretary. As with teaching, there is never a dull moment in the office! I am delighted to arrange schedules, type letters, answer the phone, interact with students, and provide assistance to the staff and members of the Student Government. I appreciate the respectful, professional environment; for if one gives respect to others, then respect will be returned.