Dr. Robert Sabbatini

Dr. Robert SabbatiniDean of Students
Blake A, 1st Floor
(434) 223-6127

Dear Students,

Welcome to Hampden-Sydney College! One meaningful part of a College education is the learning that is obtained from living and interacting with others. A good deal of adjustment occurs in the transition from high school to College and from home life to residence hall life, and sometimes even from freshman to sophomore year. H-SC's Office of Student Affairs is designed to help our students make personal, social, and academic adjustments in as healthy a way as possible, and to make their living experience both educational and enjoyable.

Our campus community is built on the belief that students are the main ingredient. Ideally, it is a vibrant and active community, the center of student life. The Student Affairs staff encourages our students to develop an awareness of the many opportunities that our campus community presents daily, and challenges you to utilize this setting to increase strength in citizenship and leadership.

Here at Hampden-Sydney College Honor and Conduct guide us. It is more than an ideal, it is a way of life, and it inspires everything we do at Hampden-Sydney down to the smallest interaction, like greeting everyone we meet on campus. The Code of Conduct is our promise to treat each other, members of the College community and everyone else we meet as we would like to be treated. The Honor Code is a guide in every interaction - academic, professional, and social. By agreeing to follow it, we pledge our opposition to underhanded or illegal behavior. It applies at all times and in all places, but we do not view it as a set of rules. It is a set of ethical principles which make it possible for us to live in a community of mutual trust and respect.