Society of '91 Student Leadership Program

The Society of '91 is a year-long leadership certificate program run by the Office of Student Affairs.  It is founded on the premise that those who would be great are those who are schooled to serve.  In this way, the program helps students live into the College's mission of becoming good men and good citizens.

Members of the Society of '91 meet twice a month for specially designed classes and experiences led by staff and faculty.  These sessions are meant to equip them with the skills, information, and self-knowledge to:

  • work effectively with others to contribute to the common good.
  • be people worthy of emulation - with lives exhibiting honesty, integrity, and principle.
  • be active citizens of their communities throughout their lives.

Participants are chosen from a wide cross-section of the student body, both elected leaders and students from the general student body who want to learn more about leadership.   Up to thirty positions will be available. Interested? Contact the Office of Student Affairs, Blake A, 223-6128, for more information and an application.

The monthly sessions explore various dimensions of leadership.  Sessions can involve specific readings, interactive simulations and discussions, videos, films, outside speakers and facilitators, self-assessment inventories, and experiential learning activities. Each participant will be provided a notebook of readings and resource materials.