Alumni From The Network

Picture of Fred AntoineFred Antoine 

Hometown: New York, NY

Major: Economics and Business

Interest/Activities: I really enjoy taking an active role on campus and in the surrounding community. I am the Chairman of the Student Senate and the President of Circle K International, a volunteer service organization. I spend many weekends working in the community for March of Dimes, Habitat for Humanity, Better World Books, and other organizations that would like to make an impact in the surrounding area.

Goals: My first priority is to graduate Hampden-Sydney. After then, I would like to pursue a career as an engagement manager for a consulting firm.

Personal Interest in The Student Network: During my freshman year I suffered the passing of a family member. My roommate, neighbors, friends, professors, and everyone at Hampden-Sydney was there for me so I did not have to face my problem alone. You do not realize how close the community is at Hampden-Sydney until you are a part of the experience. I would like to extend the same sense of community I received during my time of difficulty to someone else that could use some help with any problem they may have.

Picture of Devin BakerDevin J. Baker I '14

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Major:  English

Interest/Activities: My biggest interest so far is with writing. I like expressing myself with words to influence people and to bring them positivity. The only activities that I've been involved in were the summer research program this summer and being involved with the Network. I love people and love having a good time.

: As of now, my goal is to stay on top of my grades, for one. Two, I want to be an entertainer in the future. I want to help the people by entertaining the people. Third, I want to be Great.

Personal Interest with The Student Network: I want to be some type of positive influence for the incoming freshmen. We're all young and we all make mistakes so if I could, at the least, share my knowledge and wisdom with incoming freshmen, I am interested in doing so. We all have a common goal of success. Even though we come from different walks of life and may take different paths through college, let's obtain happiness and success together.

David Barrett ’13

David Barrett

Major: Undecided (Possibly Economics)

Interests/Activities:  I am a member of the H-SC Cross Country team and a campus representative for Episcopal Campus Ministry. I have always been someone who thoroughly enjoys helping people whenever possible, in whatever way that may be. I learned a great amount about college life during my freshman year at Hampden-Sydney. I have been curious and excited to find some more ways to become active in the H-SC community. I have established strong relationships with the members of the Cross Country team and ECM. I love the idea that I could help mentor new students. I went to Norfolk Academy in Norfolk, Virginia for high school and played on the tennis team there as well as ran on the cross-country team. I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia and enjoy going to the beach and hanging out with friends. 

Goals: I want to make the Dean’s List and be on the 2010-2011 All ODAC Academic Team for cross-country. I want to help the cross-country team improve in the ODAC conference and continue to build interest and enthusiasm in the program. I want to be a part of The Student Network because I believe it has the ability to be one of the highlights of student led activities on H-SC’s campus. 

Personal Interests in The Student Network:  The transition from high school to college can be a tricky one and I have a strong desire to help people with that process in whatever way I can. I hope that as I mature during my time at H-SC that I may help others along the way. There are many facets to college life and I am eager to help students in whatever facet they need help with, whether that is academic, social, or athletic. I have learned a lot since I have been here at H-SC, both in and out of the classroom, and I want to share my experiences and advice with others.

Allan Brownell '12

Allan Brownell

Major: Economics/ Commerce

Interests/Activities:  Throughout my high school carrier, I participated in three different sports, football, wrestling, and baseball. However, I wanted to pursue my baseball career and decided to play as a Hampden Sydney tiger. Off the field, my interests are watching lots of movies along with a good football game.

Goals: My goals this year are to maintain a 3.4 G.P.A. while also having a good baseball season. Additionally, I hope to reach out to many upcoming freshmen by answering any sort of questions that they may have in about both academically and out of the classroom.

Personal Interests in The Student Network:  I want to help provide freshman with the proper tools that they will need to be both a successful student and an as an individual. As many may know, Hampden Sydney can be a grueling school academically, so I believe that if one is can be shown the proper techniques in order to become successful student during their first academic year than they will be on their way to a promising future.

Ryan Carter ’13

Ryan Carter

Major: Economics/Commerce Minor: Rhetoric

Interests/Activities:  I am a member of the H-SC Baseball team, but am also a big fan of all the Tiger Sports teams. I am a member of the Student-Athlete Committee and take part as a tutor for the Writing Center. Outside of my activities and school work, I enjoy playing just video games and spending time with friends.

Goals: My current goals are to win an ODAC championship ring on the baseball field and to continue performing at the top of my academic class. In the long-term, I have aspirations to obtain a business and law degree in graduate school. Eventually, I want to work professionally in one of those two fields, if not both.

Personal Interests in The Student Network:  I want to help students have a source of information that is not necessarily a parent, professor, or administrator. I believe some students need this kind of comfort to get answers to the questions they truly have. Also, I want to help students transition into an environment at H-SC that has so much freedom so that they can find the proper balance to succeed.

Jared Christian '12

Jared Christian

Major: Computer Science

Interests/Activities:  I am always looking to get involved at Hampden-Sydney. I do plenty of promotion for the school online through my position as the Student Life New Media Coordinator and work at the Campus Radio Station. I work with the Student Government with elections as the Vice-Chairman of the Elections and Surveys Committee. I also enjoy helping and meeting new people and expanding my real life social network.

Goals: My #1 goal is to raise the stature of the school online through the use of new and innovative media and thus take the Hampden-Sydney Man beyond the Digital Frontier. Additionally, I hope to continue reach out to many upcoming freshmen by answering any questions or concerns they may have during their first year on The Hill.

Personal Interests in The Student Network:  I would like to empower new students to become all they can be. Dr. Howard stresses the idea of Ubuntu, that we all have a shared humanity. "I am what I am because of who we all are." By helping others, I help everyone.

Ben Clarke '12

Major: History

Minors:  International Studies, Spanish  

Interests/Activities: I am a member of the H-SC Lacrosse team. I am also a member of The Presidents Men as well as a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity on campus. When I am not in class or at practice, I enjoy being outside and being active. I enjoy sports other than lacrosse like tennis, soccer and occasionally golf. When I am back home I surf as much as I can, and through surfing I have traveled many different places. I enjoy spending time with friends usually in an outdoor setting. 

Goals: I would like to graduate on time with a major and two minors while making Deans List both semesters. Additionally I would really like to win an ODAC championship in Lacrosse. Post-collegiate goals include possible maritime business, and eventually having success as an entrepreneur while traveling all over the world. 

Personal Interests in the Student Network: I believe I have always connected well with people and I enjoy helping others.  When necessary I believe in sharing my experiences in hopes of helping others. College can be a difficult time for us all and that is why it is important that we reach out to help each other through it. At H-SC the community is very strong and I believe that we are much more successful when we work together as a team to overcome problems or difficulties in our lives. The student network enables us to reach out and help each other. We are here to help everyone because we have gone through similar experiences in the past. I believe the Student Network serves as means of strengthening the community that we all enjoy here at Hampden Sydney College.  

Nate Cundy '12

Nate Cundy

Major: Economics and Commerce

Interests/Activities:  I am a member of the H-SC Lacrosse team and am very active on campus. I am a member of the NCAA Student-Athlete Committee, Catholic Campus Ministry, and Hobbie School of Ethics. When I am not in class or at practice, I like to go snowboarding, longboarding, and do anything adrenaline related. I enjoy the outdoors. I often go camping and hiking; however, I also spend a lot of my time playing video games.

Goals: Graduating College is definitely the first on my list. Aside from that, I would really like to win an ODAC Championship in Lacrosse. As far as post collegiate goals are concerned, I would like to one day own my own business and develop real-estate in Colorado.

Personal Interests in The Student Network:  I was a mentor in high school and saw the benefits mentoring can provide kids in various situations first handed. We all know that the "brotherhood" of Hampden-Sydney students is one of the biggest assets of this college. I feel that The Student Network is a great catalyst to further strengthen of the bond between the student body as a whole. I also see The Student Network as a great way for me to give something back to this great school that has taught me so much.

William Dittmar '12

Will Dittmar

Major:Government and Foreign Affairs

Interests/Activities:  I am a huge fan of any sport at any level. I also am pretty active and enjoy working out regularly so look for me in the gym. I am also a brother of Beta Theta Pi and love Greek life. Otherwise everything and anything under the sun seems to keep me occupied and there is no shortage of fun things to do here on The Hill.

Goals: Short term I am trying to maintain my position on the Dean's List and my scholarship. I hope to attend graduate school after my tenure at Hampden-Sydney and eventually work on Capitol Hill.

Personal Interests in The Student Network:  During my sophomore year I ran into some trouble with alcohol and am trying to turn that experience into a learning and teaching one. I feel that if I had The Student Network to help me in the past, it would have been very beneficial to me. I look forward to hearing from anyone who needs a non-biased ear and some advice.

Ben Durham '14

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Major: Undeclared

Interests/Activities: From the beginning of my time on The Hill I have tried to be as active on campus as possible while maintaining my academic success. As a result I am an elected member of the Student Court, the Vice-Chairmen of the Committee of Elections and Student Surveys, and a member of The Garnet and Gray Society. In terms of club leadership, I am very active with Circle K International where I serve as the Capital District Laws, Regulations, and Awards Committee Chair and H-SC's CKI's Club editor, and I am the Philanthropy Committee Chairmen for the Pre-Law Society. I am also very active with a number of clubs: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Fencing, the International Club, and the Chess and Strategies Game Club. In my free time I love to hang out with friends; discuss politics, philosophy, contemporary events, and the 'Big Questions in life;' watch a lot of movies; play video games; learn about different cultures; watch H-SC Football and Basketball; and basically chill out and have a good time.

Goals: I want to maintain my previous level of academic success and continue to make Dean's list. Additionally, I would like to narrow down what I want to major/minor in and get a job on campus in order to increase my job experience.

Personal Interests in The Student Network: I'm very grateful for all that I have in life and as a result I try to live my life in manner that is helpful to others and gives back. I believe that my participation as a mentor in The Net will allow me both an opportunity to help incoming freshmen conquer the difficulties they face in transitioning to college life, as well as increase the sense of community and brotherhood which have made H-SC the special place that it has been for over 200 years.

Thomas Ewing ’13

Thomas Ewing

Major: Undecided

Interests/Activities: I am a member of the H-SC football team and I am working hard with my teammates to continue our perfect record into the 2010 season. Along with football and schoolwork, I enjoy time with my friends, playing Xbox, and watching movies. During the summer I work for my father as a merchandiser at Premium Beverage of Virginia. I am a member of the Tiger Athletic Club as well as a member of the Garnet and Grey Society. Also, I help Dean Ramsay with the H-SC Movember movement every November.

Goals: My immediate goals are to maintain my spot on the Dean's List, help the H-SC Student Network get a great start this year, and work to my full potential both in the classroom and on the football field. My long term goals are to graduate from H-SC with a degree in Psychology, get into Georgetown University Law School, and start a career in the FBI.

Personal interests in The Student Network: With my involvement in The Student Network I want to help students who would rather get advice and answers from someone who can relate with them depending on the question and situation. I hope that my experience as an older brother will translate well to my ability in The Student Network. I want to be someone that the mentees can trust and rely on in whatever aspect of college life that they may need.

Ronnie Fultz '12

Ronnie Fultz

Major: Economics Minor: Chemistry

Interests/Activities:  I am a co-captain of the Golf Team, a member of the Garnet and Grey Society, the Committee on Sustaining Tradition, the Student Finance Board, and Chair of the NCAA Student Athlete Advisory Committee. I enjoy golf, football, basketball, following the stock market, fitness, cooking, and eating great food.
Favorite Quote: Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. 1 Corinthians 9:24   
Inspirational Well-known Figures: Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. 
Favorite Athletes: Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods
Favorite NFL Team: Pittsburg Steelers
Favorite NBA Team: LA Lakers
Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby 
Favorite Movie: Boiler Room 

Goals: I want to become a professional golfer, dentist, and a businessman

Personal Interests in The Student Network: Knowing the difficulties that one deals with, while making a transition from not only high school to Hampden Sydney College but in any aspect in life, I feel that it is important to have someone to talk to and encourage them to continue to strive to be their very best. I enjoy offering my experiences and advice to those needing help in many ways including but not limited to academics, athletics, and social life.

George Gordon ’13


Major: Government, Public Service (Minor)

Interests/Activities:  I am very interested in politics and history and love to watch the news and anything on the history channel. My favorite way to relax on campus is to go the Fitness Center and lift weights. I love football and am a huge Washington Redskins fan. I am a brother at Sigma Chi and a proponent of the Greek System at Hampden-Sydney. This year I am Sigma Chi’s IFC rep and I am also on the Rush Committee. I also plan on joining the college’s Model OAS team

Goals: My short term goals are to make the Dean's List for the 2010-2011 school year and to become more involved in extracurricular programs on campus. My long-term goal is to be accepted to a law school somewhere in Virginia.

Personal Interests in The Student Network:  I believe that Hampden-Sydney is an extraordinary place where students are offered a variety of areas in which they can excel. I believe that as a student in The Student Network I can help students that are having a hard time breaking out of their shell so that they can take advantage of everything that the college offers them. As a student in the network I hope that I can offer students advice in a non threatening relaxed atmosphere so that they can fulfill their personal goals.

Luke Hargroder '12

Luke Hargroder

Major: History

Minor(s): French and Military Leadership & National Security

Interests & Activities: I am a huge history buff and have always been. That is part of the reason I came up here to Virginia because there is truly no better place to study American history. I am a huge sports fan (LSU Football) so I try to participate in intramural sports whenever I can. I am also a brother of Sigma Nu fraternity and a huge supporter of the Greek System at Hampden-Sydney. I am the Chairman of the Rush Committee within the IFC and was Sigma Nu's Rush Chair last year.

Goals: Well, my short term goals are pretty straight forward: make good grades, meet great people, and keep my eye on the ball while still having a good time. Some of my long term goals include military service sometime soon after I graduate. From there I hope to either work in intelligence or go straight to graduate school for my History Degree. I eventually, want to be a History professor at some major university.

Personal Interests in The Student Network: I became attracted to this program through Dean White because of my involvement with the Rush Committee in the IFC. I seek to help make a major impact on this campus in order to better not only the reputation of the school but also the students within these gates. Being a friend to the incoming freshmen is a great way to bridge the gap between the students and the administration and it also provides freshmen with the opportunity to come to upperclassmen for help, especially since freshman year is such a new and exciting but sometimes troublesome year. Having students who pass on their knowledge will further enrich the experience of being at an all male institution like Hampden-Sydney.

Loren Hubbard ’13

Loren Hubbard

Major: Government and Foreign Affairs

Interests/Activities: Ever since I can remember I've had a passion for outdoor activities (hunting, fishing, beaching); sports (football, golfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding); and spending time with my friends.

Goals: My short term goals are to improve my GPA by at least .1 each semester this year and to perform more community service projects throughout the year. My long term goals for my time at HSC are to refine programs in the school that promote increased service to the community and the college, as well as to increase the tradition of brotherhood on campus.

Personal interests in The Student Network: I hope to provide guidance to students that will allow a smoother transition from high school to Hampden-Sydney. I also look forward to aiding them in their establishment of habits that are conducive to academic success and a well rounded college experience.

Mack Keasler ’13

Major: Undetermined

Interests/Activities:  I am a graduate of Woodberry Forest and a member of Kappa Alpha Order here at Hampden-Sydney. I enjoy music; I play the guitar and have, in the past, played the piano. I am currently trying to pick up the mandolin. I also enjoy fly fishing and being outdoors. I am a strong advocate of the Greek System and intramural sports—both are fun ways to become involved on campus. As of now, I would like to major in Government & Foreign Affairs.

Goals: Returning to Hampden-Sydney as a sophomore this fall, I would like to pursue a Government & Foreign affairs major. I also plan to do much more fly fishing than I did last year.

Personal Interests in The Student Network:  College is a major transition for everyone at every school. Even though Hampden-Sydney is a welcoming, tight-knit community, it is a new and foreign place to freshmen. With that being said, I would like to set an example for incoming freshmen and be available for help in all areas of life at Hampden-Sydney. For those who share my interest in helping our new students feel welcome and excited here, I recommend participating in The Student Network.

Carson Maki '15

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Major: Undecided (Applied Math or Physics)

Interests / Activities: During the summer, I lifeguard and skimboard. I also like to wakeskim and wakeboard. I am not involved in many facets of the social life here at HSC because I spend most of my time focusing on academics, work, and music. Besides academics and spending time with my girlfriend, I spend most of my time producing music. Currently, I produce EDM (Electronic Dance Music). I also work on campus at the Health Center.

Goals: Currently, my goals are to maintain my position on the Dean's List and to secure a record deal in order to start releasing my EDM music. In the future, I would like to establish a career in audio engineering or music production (anything that involves audio or music).

Personal Interest in The Student Network: I joined The Student Network to reinforce the fundamental idea that Hampden Sydney College is comprised of many different facets of society. For example, I do not fit the stereotype people often hold when viewing Hampden Sydney men; however, I hold the same moral values that define a good man and good citizen.

Braxton Marcela ’13

Braxton Marcela

Major: Government, Spanish, Rhetoric Minor

Interests/Activities:  I am very interested in politics and public policy.  I am a member of the College Democrats and have started my own club at H-SC called Student Advocates for Hopeful Politics (SAHP), a non-partisan solution-based political action club.  I play rugby for Hampden-Sydney's team and have really enjoyed the sport and the guys on the team.  I'm also an active member of the Spanish club, live in La Casa Hispánica (the Spanish House), and enjoy learning and experiencing that culture. I am bilingual in English and Spanish, and I am currently working on learning to speak Portuguese.

Goals: My goals are to get my GPA up to a level acceptable to a top tier law school.  I would also like to continue management of SAHP and the College Democrats to be successful and meaningful clubs on campus.  I would also like to eventually start for the rugby team.  In long term goals, I would like to go to law school and get into a dual degree program to graduate with a JD and a Master’s in Public Policy/Public Affairs.  After that I hope to get a PhD in Leadership Studies or something else dealing with Public Policy.  I hope to eventually practice law as an immigration attorney and then get into politics.

Personal Interests in The Student Network:  There were many moments in my freshman year in which I realized I needed a good friend to just talk to and hang out with.  It turned out for me that many of my problems were addressed by older friends who helped me through the problems that I faced.  I wanted to be a part of The Student Network to possibly grant to somebody the guidance and support that was granted to me by just being a friend and a mentor. 

Walter 'Flash' McCoy ’13

Flash McCoy

Major: Undeclared

Interests/Activities: I really like Anime and am really into comic book culture (Mostly DC Universe). I am the Vice President of the Animation Society. I work in the Bortz Library and do a lot of work with the theatre (on and off-stage). I am not really a party-guy, due mostly to my choice to abstain from alcohol. I like to make friends and I am only slightly insane.

Goals: I came to H-SC with the intention of double-majoring in English and Fine Arts with a minor in German. Now I'm thinking about switching to double-major in English and Psychology with a minor in Fine Arts. I hope to finish my remaining years here with as high a GPA as I can muster, then go get a master's degree and teaching license so that I will be able to return to my high school and teach english.

Personal Interests in The Student Network: I have always felt the need to help people have an easier time doing things than I myself have had. I know, especially, that for people like me (introverted comic nerds, non-partiers, social outcasts) it is hard making friends and feeling like we are just as good as everyone else. My main hope for this program is that, not only will it help people adjust to college-life easier, but also make it so everyone feels equal. That is what this school is supposed to be about right? Brotherhood and community. Let's make everyone feel welcome!

Barrett Polan '12

Barrett Polan

Major: Economics/Premed

Interests/Activities:  I am currently in my Junior year at Hampden Sydney College. I am an economics major with a pre-medicine track. After graduation, I plan on attending medical school and becoming a surgeon. I am currently entering my second year as a member of the Tiger Tennis Team. Additionally, I am involved in multiple club sports. I am a fellow of the Center for the Study of the Political Economy, a graduate of the Society of '91 Leadership Program, a brother of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, and a resident advisor. I am a graduate of the Class of 2008 at Greenwich High School in Greenwich, CT. My mother and father, Amy and Neal, are both members of the Parent's Council, and my brother, Ethan (13) and sister, Katharine (13) are all Tiger fanatics.

Goals: Ultimately, at Hampden Sydney, we are all here to graduate and pursue professional careers. As such, my goals are to attain the highest GPA possible each semester. I will strive to enhance my resume and credentials as I move closer toward applying to medical school in the summer. Additionally, I plan on helping the Tiger Tennis Team win its 2nd ODAC Championship in three years.

Personal Interests in The Student Network:  I believe that it is in each of our interests to prevent the world from repeating mistakes of the past. While this seems to be a daunting task, we can start by influencing minor decisions. The Student Network is one of the best ways to prevent the recurrence of past mistakes.

Taylor Redmond '14

Home Town: Roanoke, VA

Major: Chemistry Minor: Biology

Interests/Activities: I am a current junior and a brother at Alpha Chi Sigma. I like to play most sports, and I am a member of the swim team. I also lifeguard for the college. I enjoy being outside and staying active. I am a member of the Tiger Athletic Club, Society of Physics Students and the Animal Rescue Club. I am the current chairman of orientation and want to help the campus community out as best as I can. I am a laboratory tech for the chemistry department. My biggest interest at the moment is learning more about country music.

Goals: I want to keep my grades up and make the Deans List this year. My long term goal is to leave H-SC with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry and a minor in Biology, and then i plan to attend medical school at Medical College of Virginia or Johns Hopkins Medical School. I also plan to get my PhD in Chemistry from a graduate school somewhere.

Personal Interest in the Student Network: The first year in college for students is the most important and the most difficult time. Especially when trying to adjust from high school and being at home to being in college and on your own. I want to help students and be a source of information that is not given from a parent's, professor's, or administrator's view point. I believe some students need this kind of comfort to get answers to the questions they have. Also, I want to help students transition into an environment at H-SC that has so much freedom so that they can find the proper balance to succeed.

Benjamin Rogers '12

Ben Rogers

Major:   Mathematical Economics

Interests/Activities:  I play Center on the Offensive Line for the Tiger football team.  I am one of four team captains for the upcoming season.  This school year I am heading up the Tiger Athletic Club.  As president, I will direct and lead all members to support Tiger athletics while also being role models on campus and in the community.  Although I have recently changed my major from Psychology to Math Econ, I will still serve as the Psychology tutor for this school year, helping most students with Quantitative Methods in psychology.


  • Make Dean's List (3.3+ GPA)
  • Win another ODAC football championship  
  • Become a better leader not only on the football field, but off the field as well 
  • Recruit at least 100 members for the TAC
  • Provide helpful assistance for freshmen student-athletes in The Student Network 

Personal interests in The Student Network:  I enjoy offering my advice to people who may need help in many ways including academics, athletics, and social life.  With The Student Network, I hope to extend a helping hand to any freshmen who feel they need a reliable and experienced leader on the H-SC campus.

Kirk Rohle '12

Kirk Rohle

Major:  Biology

Interests/Activities: I play running back for the Tiger football team.  I also am an active member for the Tiger Athletic Club, which is a club that supports all Tiger athletics.  My academic goal is to graduate with a degree in Biology, and then go to dental school.  I volunteer at Marks Family Dentistry in Richmond, VA, and I hope to travel to Honduras sometime this year to serve as a dental assistant.


  • Make the Dean's List (3.3+ GPA) 
  • Help the Tiger's win another ODAC Championship 
  • Get more people involved in TAC 
  • Be a great mentor for my classmates and teammates  
  • Do whatever is necessary to get into dental school 

Personal interests in The Student Network: I feel that I am a good leader and am also a good role model.  With these qualities I believe I can help other people on and off the field.  I have been a captain on former high school teams. I know there is more to life than just athletics, and I believe I can be a trustworthy friend and mentor for people who need academic, social, and athletic advice

John Sharp '12

John Sharp

Major: History and Fine Arts

Interests/Activities:  In the spring of 2010, I was elected Chairman of the College Activities Committee, a branch of the Student Government that plans and executes college events and entertainment. I am currently the Social Chair for Sigma Nu Fraternity, as well as a member of the Garnet and Grey Society. I am an Eagle Scout and enjoy that outdoors, backpacking, live music and traveling.

Goals: My goals span among many things I would like to do while at Hampden-Sydney and my future endeavors. As a student I hope to begin a new variety of programs with the CAC, as well as maintain Dean's List. After graduation I hope to continue traveling, volunteering in undeveloped countries, and exploring my options in graduate school.

Personal Interests in The Student Network:  Freshman year is not easy. The transition is one that you must adapt to in order to make it through. I think that the easiest way to learn the ropes is to seek guidance from those that have been through the same challenges. In this way, I think The Student Network has the capability to serve as an asset to the community and more importantly the students that are encountering the challenges of the college experience.

Austin Sheppard '12

Austin Sheppard

Major:  Foreign Affairs

Interests/Activities:  I love traveling, hiking the outdoors, and genuine adventure. During the summer of 2009, I spent nine weeks in Haines, Alaska working with a raft guiding company. I graduated the U.S. Army Airborne School in Ft. Benning Georgia; and I have completed a may term of Spanish in Costa Rica. I am a year III Army ROTC cadet, and I intend to graduate from Hampden-Sydney as a commissioned Second Lieutenant. I am an active social brother in Sigma Nu and avid supporter of Greek life on campus. I love to learn and read new challenging materials, and in my free time I enjoy socializing with friends.


  • Graduate from the U.S. Army Air Assault School next summer
  • Continue to achieve The Dean's List
  • Commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and branch into Combat Arms Long term
  • I hope to return to school after my military obligations and earn some type of graduate degree. Upon completion I hope to enter the civilian sector and find employment.

Personal Interests in The Student Network:  Everyone undergoes some difficult transition as a freshman. Hampden-Sydney is an academically challenging institution, so the transitioning experience can be more difficult for some than others. Because I can recall my personal struggles, I would like to provide the necessary assistance to any student who feels like they are in need of some kind of support.

Paul Thornton '14

Home Town:  Farmville, VA

Major: Economics

Interests/Activities: I enjoy playing and watching almost all sports as well as outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, canoeing, and swimming. I am a member of the Collage Activities Council, Pre-Law Society, Rugby Club, Garnet and Grey Society, and I have completed the Wilson Center Freshmen Leadership Program. I like to be involved with campus life and enjoy helping others.

Goals: I plan to graduate with a major in Economics and Minors in Rhetoric, Public Service, and Law and Public Policy. I hope to maintain my grades so I can make it into Grad School. I also wish to work with other students, faculty, and staff to try and make the college experience as enjoyable as possible for each and every student.

Personal Interest in The Student Network: Freshmen year is not easy and the transition from being at home and in high school to college life can be difficult. Even the best among us may struggle from time to time and the best way to overcome our struggles is to ask for help from those who have gone before us. I believe that The Student Network can be a resource for the community and most importantly the students.

Marlowe Vilchez '12 

Major: Psychology/ Fine Arts (Theater)

Interests/ Activities:

My major interests honestly are the same as my majors. I am always intrigued by why do the things that they do, and I am constantly trying to understand other people's point of view. I love talking with people and getting to know their story, and I have found that almost all of the stories I have heard have something unique about them. I am fascinated by people every day, and that is why psychology has been such a passion for me. On top of that, I LOVE Theater and performing!! Ever since high school, I have felt that it is such a great escape from our own lives. For me, there is no rush like performing and becoming an entirely different person. I love taking a break from being Marlowe, and the applause is an awesome bonus, haha. Other than that I am always game for a good time with good friends.


My realistic goal up to this point is to continue doing well here at Hampden-Sydney and go to graduate school next year for psychology. My dream goal is to give the whole acting thing a shot and see if I can make it big. However, I am not sure what I am going to do, but I am not too worried about it. When the time is right I know I will make the right decision.

Personal Interests in The Student Network:

I love getting to know people, and I have always had great a great interest in just listening to people. I consider myself a compassionate listener. I have always been compelled to help a fellow brother in need, and I think the Student Network is the perfect place for me to do that. I want to help and welcome anyone into our community regardless of how different they may be.

Ben Willis '13

Major: Spanish / History

Interests/Activities: I'm currently a junior here and a brother of Theta Chi fraternity. Im involved in the Big Siblings program in Farmville, the VDGIF volunteer program, and youth outreach programs in my hometown of Suffolk. Hunting and fishing take up most of my free time, and I do most of it on the Eastern Shore or in the Tidewater area. Basically I'm passionate about anything to do with the outdoors.


  • Graduate on the Dean's List
  • Be accepted and do well in a Virginia law school
  • Continue to help local conservation efforts either through a future job or continued volunteer work.

Personal Interest in the Student Network:

My story is the same as many other students in that I had a rough time adapting to college life as a freshman. Don't get me wrong, it was one of the best years of my life to date, but it wasn't until my second semester as a sophmore that I really learned the perfect balance to excel here. Sadly, many of my best friends were not as lucky as I was. Like me, they did not seek help for bad study habits, personal issues, or anything else that affected their schoolwork. I was just lucky enough to survive by virtue of allnighters and cramming. As fine as our facutly is, there is nothing quite as helpful as motivation and support from a fellow classmate. So I'd like to be there for any fellow H-SC men who are smarter than me and decide to get that little bit of outside help. Whether its by sharing my story or just being someone to go hunting with, I hope to be able to help those who are in the same situation I was. A little bit goes a long way, and it could help save some guys who really deserve to be at the school they love.