“The Hampden-Sydney student will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.”
The Honor Code

“The Hampden-Sydney student
will behave as a gentleman at all
times and in all places.”
The Code of Conduct

On My Honor…

At Hampden-Sydney College, the word honor describes a way of life. Students at Hampden-Sydney subscribe to two basic statements of honorable behavior, thereby allowing the College community to operate with trust and respect.

The first principle is the Honor Code. The Honor Code defines all of a student’s interactions — academic, professional, and social. The Honor Code applies in all times and in all places. By agreeing to follow the Honor Code, students let each other and the College know that they have no intention of advancing their own interests by dishonorable means. The Honor Code should not, however, be viewed as a set of rules. It espouses a set of ethical principles which make it possible for all to live in a community of mutual trust and respect.

The second principle is the Code of Conduct, under which Hampden-Sydney students promise to treat each other, members of the College community, and everyone else they meet as they would like to be treated themselves. This principle is as valuable today as when it was simply stated in the early nineteenth century. Over time, this principle has been elaborated into the set of College rules that constitute Section 4 of this handbook.  Every student should become familiar with those versions as well.

There are also a few less formal traditions on campus that promote civility. These include the expectations that:

  1. a Hampden-Sydney student will speak to everyone he meets; and
  2. he will treat every person with respect.

These principles, constantly practiced as a student, will be internalized and become the core of one’s lifelong ethical standards.


For over 230 years, Hampden-Sydney College has attracted young men with the innate abilities to lead. These men have grown into successful leaders in a college culture which values hard work, responsibility, civility, and honor. Our intent is to provide you with a strong base of knowledge and experience to enhance your existing strengths, abilities, and talents. A wide array of programs and opportunities will help you best determine how to make your unique, positive impact on campus and in your community, workplace, and the world.

Hampden-Sydney has a significant tradition of student involvement in College governance. Our student-run Justice System has been a vital force on campus for over 100 years and continues to live and breathe because of the ongoing commitment of the student body and faculty. The Student Body President and the Student Senate have substantial leadership roles and responsibilities. In addition, students are appointed to serve on many faculty and administrative committees, and a list of the current student leaders serving in offices of Student Government is provided in Section 2 of The Key.