Student Government

Hampden-Sydney has a long tradition of student involvement in College affairs. There are a number of elected positions for Student Government, the Senate, and the Court. There are also many appointed positions — students serve as members of the faculty’s Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Lectures and Programs, and Athletic Committees. In addition, students are named to various task forces, to ad hoc committees, and often, to search committees seeking key College officers. All students are expected to participate in the self-government that is prized so highly on our campus. The Constitution of the Student Government is a useful resource and is found in Section 4 of The Key.

  • Matthew Goodrich
    Matthew P. Goodrich
  • Holden McLemore
    Holden K. McLemore
    Chairman of Student Court
  • Joshua Chamberlain
    Joshua V. Chamberlain
    Chairman of Student Senate
  • Ben Bardill
    M. Benning Bardill
  • Matthew O'Donnell
    Matthew E. O'Donnell
    Chairman of CAC


The President is the chief executive officer of the student body, with overall responsibility for student welfare and specific responsibility for upholding the Honor Code. He is assisted by the Secretary-Treasurer, who chairs the Student Finance Board. Both of these are elected positions. The President appoints a cabinet, consisting of the various chairmen of the executive committees, and he also appoints students to a number of College committees.

Matthew R. Goodrich

M. Benning Bardill

Chairman of CAC
Matthew E. O'Donnell

Chief of Staff
Todd W. Edstrom

Executive Assistant
Kyle E. Huysman

Executive Staff
Lawrence B. Bowers
Michael T. Murray
M. Brett Shaw

Academic Affairs
Joshua V. Chamberlin

Student Affairs Committee
Tucker V. Brown
William V. Vogan

Senior Liaison to the President
James A. Brooks III

Parking Appeals Committee
Kyle L. Kiefer
Victor A. Shaheen, Jr

Senior Liaison to Career Education
Thomas H. Wilson

Bad Check Committee
Benjamin S. Baranik
Clyde H. Thomas

Elections and Surveys Committee
Bailey A. Tyner, Chairman
Brock L. Plantinga
James I. Warren IV

New Student Orientation Committee
Marshall M. Parks, Chairman

Athletic Committee of the Faculty
John D. Lloyd

Lectures and Programs Committee
Tyler J. Langhorn
Spencer J. Garrett

Student Finance Committee
Palmer S. Jones

College Appeals Committee
Travis B. Goodloe
Peter J. Chiglinsky
Tanner L. Beck, Alternate

Gender Issues Committee
Joshua T. Miller
Harrison K. Mire

Intercultural Affairs Committee
Aaron N. Doman
Jon S. Pace
Guilherme J. Guimaraes

Senior Liaison to The Tiger
J. Traylor Nichols, Jr.

Senior Liaison to Campus Security
Robert B. George

Recycling, Conservation, and Sustainability Committee
James H. Rich

Student Advisory Committee
Nathan T. Horvitt
Almantas P. Palubinskas
Alex S. Crabtree

Good Men Plan Committee
Robert W. Harriss

College Food Committee
Jared A. Arntzen
Kyle A. Burns
Samuel G. Johnson