Student Leadership

Student leadership is supported across a range of College programs. The Wilson Center for Leadership provides several academic programs in leadership. The Office of Student Affairs provides a major point of connection for students interested in exploring leadership outside the classroom. There are many other opportunities to lead on campus: serving as a resident advisor, going on a Beyond the Hill trip, leading and serving in student government, clubs and organizations, athletics, and internships. Our mission is to form good men and good citizens, and we believe that every student should have the opportunity to explore and develop those skills. Opportunities include:


Society of ’91. Offered by the Office of Student Affairs, this certificate program in leadership will equip you with values, skills, and insights for serving and leading successfully in all walks of life.

Wilson Center for Leadership. With direction from current and former leaders, the Wilson Center helps develop effective and ethical leaders by providing program opportunities for students interested in leadership in public service, military, and national security.


Beyond the Hill. Hampden-Sydney’s service and adventure program, Beyond the Hill puts Hampden-Sydney men in the field for exciting week-long programs in rural communities in Central America as well as the U.S.

Resident Advisor program. Resident Advisors are prominent student leaders who work with other staff members and hall residents to create a lively and supportive living environment — one that contributes to the overall development of the students.

Center for Entrepreneurship & Political Economy (CEPE). A group of entrepreneurship and scholarship programs, CEPE facilitates the development of critical thinking skills and inspires students to set and reach goals to enrich their lives and the world they live in. This includes leading the H-SC branch of If I Had a Hammer — a nationally recognized social entrepreneurship business.

A leader requires knowledge, self‑confidence, and integrity. Hampden‑Sydney is about all three.

The 4-Year Leadership Plan will help you explore and develop your leadership potential. Talk to L. Rucker Snead Ⅲ ’81, Director of the Wilson Center for Leadership at or (434) 223-6260/7077 about developing your Leadership Path.

FIRST YEAR: Identify. Explore.
SOPHOMORE: Experiment. Apply.
JUNIOR: Implement. Hone.
SENIOR: Lead. Share.

Student Government

A long-prized tradition at Hampden-Sydney, student government provides opportunities to serve in a number of elected positions:

  • Executive Officers
  • Student Senate
  • Student Court
  • College Activities Council

In addition, there are many appointed positions for students on College committees.


About 30% of our student body participates in intercollegiate athletics, and more than 70% participate in the intramural program.


Clubs. With more than 70 clubs ranging from philanthropy and service to athletics, politics, and music, Hampden-Sydney has many options for pursuing your interests and developing new ones.

Fraternities. Hampden-Sydney’s fraternity life has thrived for over 150 years, and as of Spring 2015, about 44% of all students are active members.

Honor Societies. The College has fourteen honor societies for which students may be selected.  Most of these are tied to specific academic disciplines.  There are also chapters of Phi Beta Kappa, which recognizes overall academic excellence, and Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK), which recognizes and encourages leadership and character.

College-sponsored Organizations

President’s Men. The President’s Men serve as ambassadors of the President and representatives of the College. Members have the distinctive opportunity to participate in special College and Alumni events.

Garnet & Grey. The Garnet & Grey Society is a group of dedicated students who support Hampden-Sydney College by giving campus tours to prospective students and their parents, assisting in phone-a-thons, keeping prospective students overnight, manning Open House programs, and helping to entertain visiting dignitaries to the campus.

President’s Leadership Council. A forum for members of student government, resident advisors, fraternity leaders, club and organization presidents, and team captains, the Council convenes regularly with the College president.

Professional Development

Internships. The Career Education and Vocational Reflection Office helps students find opportunities to engage in experiential learning through internships, volunteerism, and job shadowing.

College Employment. Jobs can provide valuable opportunities to learn skills for working effectively as part of a team.