College Facilities


Angela Way, Director & Curator,

To visit the Museum at times other than regular open hours call (434) 223-6134 or contact Ms. Way at For more information, see


Graham Hall

Kim Michaux, Bookstore Manager

Elizabeth C. Amos, Assistant Bookstore Manager/Textbook Buyer

Jason L. Huskey, Head Cashier/ Trade Book Buyer

Robert T. Card, Jr., Inventory and Shipping/Receiving Manager

Karen I. Rostan, Operations Assistant and Merchandise Buyer

Check with Liz Amos, Textbook Buyer, for deadline for returning textbooks. Returned textbooks must be accompanied by the original cash-register receipt and class schedule. New textbooks must not be damaged, marked in, or have the shrink wrap removed.

Checks up to $250 per day may be cashed in the Bookstore. A $20 service charge will be levied for any check returned. Check cashing privileges throughout the College will be withdrawn if a check is returned.


Social Events

The Office of Student Affairs provides the Pavilion at Tadpole Hole as a facility for alcohol-free or BYOB social gatherings by recognized student groups. Interested groups should contact Dean John Ramsay to reserve the facility at

Bortz Library

The library has two rooms that are regularly used for classes and workshops. The DuPont Room is located on the ground floor in the Fuqua Media Commons, and room 200 is on the main floor of the library. The use of these rooms is scheduled by Ms. Shaunna Hunter (

Crawley Forum

Student groups wishing to use Crawley Forum must contact the College Events Office to reserve the location. This facility must be reserved online under CALENDAR, by selecting Event Request Form. To change, or cancel an event, contact Ms. Norma Kernodle at

Johns Auditorium

The date(s) for use of Johns Auditorium must be cleared with Professor Shirley Kagan ( in the Fine Arts Department before it is reserved. Students desiring to schedule an event must also have the event approved by the Dean of Students and the Chairperson of the Fine Arts Department.

Parents & Friends Lounge,
Venable Hall

Student groups wishing to use the lounge must contact the College Events Office to reserve the location. This facility must be reserved online under CALENDAR, by selecting Event Request Form. To change or cancel an event, contact Ms. Norma Kernodle at

Winston Hall: Metcalf Music Center

Three pianos and rehearsal rooms are available, whenever the building is open, in the Music Center on the 3rd floor of Winston Hall. Contact Professor David Salvage ( or Professor Frank Archer ( for further information.


ATM (Graham Hall)

A Wells Fargo cash machine is located in the Post Office Lobby.


The College’s main laundry facility is on the ground level of Carpenter Z Residence Hall. Other laundry facilities are in Venable Hall, Whitehouse, the Hampden Units, and the “C” Building of the Crawley Forum Residence Halls. The College cannot be held responsible for loss of or damage to personal articles. Laundry facilities are open 24 hours a day seven days a week during the academic year.

Guest House for Women (Atkinson Avenue near Fraternity Circle),

(434) 223-6329

Female guests may stay, cost free, at the Women’s Guest House on a first-come, first-served basis. The guest house is open on Friday and Saturday nights from 11 PM to 9 AM when the College is in session.

Graham Hall

Shelby E. Asal, Postmaster

Nicole Sozos, Postal Operations Assistant

Chelley Fenton, Postal Operations Assistant

  • The Zip Code for Hampden-Sydney is 23943; for Farmville, 23901; for Longwood, 23909.
  • Mail is posted in the morning Monday through Friday.
  • Cash-only window service is provided for all mailings.
  • Money orders are issued between the hours of 10 AM and 3 PM.
  • You are responsible to pickup your mail and newspapers regularly.
  • Wall Street Journals are picked up at package window.
  • Any newspapers left after three days will be recycled.
  • Mail leaves H-SC post office at 1:30 PM.

Federal Express/UPS

  • Outgoing Federal Express and UPS are shipped through the Bookstore.
  • Incoming Federal Express or UPS are received at the Post Office.
  • Packages for students should be addressed as follows. Student’s Name, Box #, Graham Hall, 80 Graham Circle Drive, Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943.

Settle Hall

Darryl Rudge, Thompson Hospitality Food Service Director

Settle Hall houses the Commons and the Tiger Inn. Several dining rooms are available for catered functions, private meetings, or conferences.


Visitors and students not on the board plan may purchase individual meals at Pannill Commons at these rates (prices include Virginia Sales Tax):

  • Breakfast $6.37
  • Lunch $7.72
  • Dinner $9.22
  • Special Meals $10.93

Settle Hall Regulations

  • No smoking or other use of tobacco products of any kind is allowed.
  • Enter and exit only by designated entrances.
  • Students must use their I.D. card to enter the dining hall; access to the board plan also requires I.D.
  • Each student is allowed a single access to the Commons per meal zone.
  • Care and consideration of the facility and its furnishings are expected of all students.
  • Students must return their trays to the dish window. Utensils are to be inserted into the opening provided. All other material should be neatly deposited on the trayvayor.
  • There is no pre-arranged seating for fraternities or other student groups in the dining hall. Fraternities and other student groups may choose their own seating locations. Furniture may not be rearranged.
  • For most meals only the large middle dining room will be used. The smaller rooms to the north and south of the main dining room may be used to supplement the main dining room as demand warrants.
  • No food or utensils may be taken into or out of The Commons. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Director of Food Services.
  • Shirts and shoes are required for admittance.
  • No dogs or other pets are allowed in the building.
  • No bulletins or signs may be posted on the walls, ceilings, windows, doors, or other surfaces of the dining hall.
  • A bulletin board kiosk for general use is available on the lower level next to the entry.
  • No parking on the access road leading to the dining hall from behind Eggleston Hall. Handicap parking as designated.
  • No bicycles inside the dining hall. Bike racks are available near the entrances to the building.
  • For more information, please see Appendix I of the Student Justice System.

Tiger Inn
Settle Hall, lower level

Telephone: (434) 223-6199

  • No smoking or other use of tobacco products of any kind is allowed.
  • Sale of beer and wine is permitted from noon until midnight.
  • All ABC regulations must be observed.
  • Beer purchased in the Tiger Inn must be consumed either in the TI or on the fenced patio area or fire pit area. No alcohol can be purchased to be taken out or transported outside the Tiger Inn facility. No alcoholic beverage is to be consumed on the Tiger Inn patio unless at a catered event.