Residence Life Staff

The College provides two levels of staffing support in its housing — resident staff and resident advisors (students). There are three professional staff who reside in College housing and provide support and guidance to students, particularly during evening and weekend hours when other offices are closed. In addition, the College employs students as resident advisors (RAs) for each hall. RAs can:

  • Provide information about College regulations, social life, etc.
  • Handle adjustment problems, roommate problems, or other personal matters
  • Unlock doors
  • Enforce residence hall discipline

Staff in Residence

  • Hakeem Croom ’10 —
    Carpenter Z, lower level, Apt-001
  • Mike Edwards ’11 —
    Hampden Unit 4, 35–36
  • TBA
    Crawley Forum

Head Resident Advisors

  • Paul Boydoh
  • Dontae Buck
  • Trey Price
  • Ryan Raybuck