Appendix P: Bad Checks

Any student who passes a bad check at the College or in the general Farmville area will automatically and immediately have his on-campus check-cashing privileges revoked for the remainder of that semester and the next semester. The Business Office will charge a penalty fee of $20 for a bad check written on campus.

All students who pass a bad check must attend the assigned meeting of the Bad Check Committee, composed of the Chairman, the Secretary-Treasurer of Student Government, and the President of Student Government.

This Committee will make a recommendation to the Dean of Students, who will make the final decision on whether or not to keep or revoke the withdrawal of check-cashing privileges. Only in extreme circumstances is an exception to the policy likely to be made.

Failure to attend meetings will be grounds for a student being disciplined and for a Student Court Investigator to investigate the situation and report the results to the President of Student Government, who will consider whether or not to press charges under the Honor System.