Appendix K: Bicycle Regulations

Students are encouraged to use bicycles as their main mode of transportation around campus.

Bicycles must be registered in the Campus Police Department within 48 hours of being brought to campus. Registration is free, but failure to register a bike or display the decal on the bicycle will result in a $5 fine to be paid within 10 days of issue.  

You may bring your bicycle to the Campus Police Department any time for registration. To establish ownership of the bicycle, make sure to bring a photo ID. A police officer will locate the bicycle serial number for you and include the information in the registration.  


As a responsible bicycle owner on campus, it is your responsibility to adhere to all state laws and these regulations in The Key.  

Bicycles should not be parked inside any College building.  Bicycles found in buildings contrary to regulations may be removed by Buildings and Grounds, Fire Safety or Police, where they will be returned to the owner. Since this is a life-safety issue, a report will be filed and submitted to Student Life for disciplinary action.  

It is your responsibility, as a member of the community to use the bicycle racks provided and not place bicycles against buildings, bushes, or trees. Make sure that a good locking device is used to secure your bicycle to the rack. Finally, it is state law that all bicycles used at night are fitted with reflectors and lights.